Between a Rock and a Hard Place

How do you choose between what’s best for friends and what’s best for the community. I’m learning just how tough that decision is with a couple of my friends. I just can’t discuss certain situations, either with them or with others in the community. If I do so, do what I strongly feel is necessary to protect innocents, I run the risk of costing my friends their jobs, livelihoods, etc. I can be outspoken, but I’m not the one who will pay the price. I’ve tried encouraging my friends, but they have very real fears. I understand that, as I live in a state of constant anxiety, and I realize that most of my fears are not even real and certainly aren’t life threatening. However, I also have strong convictions concerning the victims in these several situations, so at that moment, I’m feeling trapped and powerless. I’m not the one who should be acting in any of the current situations. I’m not directly involved, etc. I’m just a helpless bystander, watching the runaway cart and watching the criminals gain confidence and power in the face of those who won’t act. There is no good solution. If I become more vocal, I could easily cause more harm than good. And so, my wimpy solution is simply not to discuss certain situations with my friends. I’ll talk about the weather, my pets, my novels, my quilts, etc, and ask after their similar activities, and we’ll never discuss what is truly important. My only hope is that one day someone will take the appropriate actions. And who knows, maybe some things just can’t be fixed. And maybe all any of us can do is stand by our friends and try to support them even when we disagree with them. The rock and the hard place are not comfortable at all.

2 responses

  1. We had a friend in an abusive situation. We were thankfully not the only ones who told her to get out. She finally listened, not after getting beat up one last time.

    It is difficult to be in the situation you are in. I can only hope along with you for the best results.

    1. Thanks, Jules! I appreciate your thoughts. šŸ™‚

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