How Many Blogs Does One Person Need?

A fellow blogger recently posted a poll asking her readers if they would like her to consolidate her two blogs or keep them separate. That got me thinking because, as many of you may know, I actually have four separate blogs! It is rather absurd, I know, but each was started with a different purpose (forgive the pun) in mind. Today I did decide to consolidate them all on WordPress. Previously two were on Blogger and two with WordPress. So now they are all in one place, which may make things easier.

What are my blogs, you may be asking. Well, I have this one, obviously, where I post random musings and thoughts and also update with photos sometimes. I don’t tend to write here a lot, but I use this site to sort out feelings, comment on actions, or generally babble on about whatever is foremost in my thoughts at the moment.

Then I have Daphne’s Flash Fiction, which, as the name suggests, contains short fiction that I have written. Again, I tend not to write many stories, but when I do, I post them here.

The two blogs which I use the most, daily in fact, are Daphne’s Tanka Diary and Daphne’s Haiku and Other Small Stones. The first contains a narrative account of my day’s activities as well as a five line poem, loosely related to a tanka. The second contains at least one haiku as well as the same tanka that was posted on my tanka diary.

I started my diary years ago at a very difficult time in my life when neither of my children was in touch with me. I hoped that even though they wouldn’t allow any contact, they might keep up with me in my diary and other writings. I have kept the diary up ever since. Thankfully both of my children are now back in contact, but I have found that friends both here on Vashon and around the world chose to follow the events in my rather bizarre and fickle life, and I also find that writing at the end of each day helps me stay focused. Some days I write very little, either because nothing much has happened or because I’m not feeling up to writing, but I do think that the discipline helps me. I also make sure that I write at least one haiku each day as that really helps me to stay present, in the moment.

And so I have four blogs. You are most welcome to follow any or all and I love to hear your comments whenever you wish to make them. Maybe as time goes on, I too, like my fellow blogger friend, will consolidate, but for now, I have four blogs but at least they are all on one dashboard now. Have a wonderful day!

3 responses

  1. I thought you were going to tell us that you had decided to stop updating one or more of them. I’m so glad that isn’t the case. 🙂

    Do your children read your blogs?

    1. Thanks, Lydia. You are one of my most faithful readers of all my blogs–in fact the most faithful reader and I truly appreciate that!! I am not sure about Pamela, but Eric reads something hit or miss I think. Neither actually acknowledges reading any of them, but that’s fine. Have a super day!

      1. You’re quite welcome. 🙂

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