Barely Keeping My Head Above Water

Sasha Eating!

I am barely keeping my head above water and this has been an especially busy and stressful week.  Every day since Tuesday I have either been at the vet’s with someone or the vet has been here and today it is both.  I thought for awhile that I was going to lose Sasha, but she seems to have turned the corner and the ultrasound yesterday revealed no cancer but instead irritable bowel syndrome.  She was hospitalized yesterday so she could receive fluids and medicines and then I was able to bring her home for the night, but took her back up this morning for another day of the same.  But she did start eating last night and again this morning although not enough to change her weight.  She still weighs 4 lbs. 9 oz. (and she had been at 6 lbs 12 oz before she started the oral meds now three weeks ago), but for the first time in over two weeks she at least didn’t lose weight!  So we are all hoping she is starting to recover and we have a game plan that will involve me pilling her with several pills once to twice a day for awhile, but if she can just start gaining weight we will have hope for more quality time.  

Chauncey after surgery to remove 3 bumps

And if that weren’t enough, Chauncey’s skin flared up really badly and one of his bumps (Cocker Spaniels tend to get lots of bumps as they age) turned really nasty so he had to have surgery to remove 3 of these things and we are still waiting for the biopsy results.  He has a bandaged right paw and he is wearing a blue t-shirt and he doesn’t really care for either, but there it is.  Dr. Nell will be out this afternoon to change his bandage and see how he is doing and she will also bring Sasha home!

So adding all this onto my already much busier schedule has left me feeling as if I am barely keeping ahead of the game.  I haven’t quilted all week, although I am hoping to do that today and tomorrow.  I haven’t written many haiku or tanka or any kind of poem, and my twitter friends probably think I have fallen off the face of the earth.  It is tough when things get this chaotic and I am just grateful for the care and understanding of everyone at Fair Isle Animal Clinic, especially Dr. Nell and Dr. Dana.  

Front yard using new wide-angle lens

I am also very grateful for my new volunteer job at Student Link!  It is a big change for me and it does make for a more active schedule, but I think if the rest of life could sort itself out, I will like the new schedule and I will get used to it.  The students this year are really wonderful.  The program has 18 students and because there are so few, relatively speaking, the flavor of Student Link really changes from year to year depending on who is there.  This is my third year to volunteer here, and I have been amazed at how different it feels each year.  But this is the first time I have been such an integral part of the program and I am enjoying my added responsibilities and my more frequent contact with the students.  Some years I only got to know a handful of them, but this year I’m meeting most.  Some are doing Running Start, which is a program with our community colleges where by they can start early at the community college and so those students are off island during the day and hence I don’t see them.  But the majority are here and now that they know I will be there every morning that Student Link is open (TWTh), they are starting to show up more and that is very gratifying.

Anyway, I am having to learn new organizational skills (or resurrect old ones) to keep everything chugging along and I do find by the end of the day that I am totally exhausted, but I’m hoping over time that it will all settle into a normal and not so exhausting routine.  Until then, if I don’t respond right away to comments or don’t get to reading other blogs from friends, etc. please forgive me.  Know that you are in my thoughts even if my actions don’t seem to reflect that!  And now it is time to post this and get some quilting accomplished!  Have a super day wherever you are!

4 responses

  1. I hope Sasha is able to gain some of that weight back and Chauncey recovers soon.Good luck with the new position – I just know you'll be great at it!

  2. Thanks, Lydia! We are all home now and that feels really good! Hey, we both have new positions! And I know you will be great at yours also! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, and thanks as always for stopping by!

  3. Hi Sweets,Sorry I have been so busy and gone and busy that I did not stop by much… Just know that I am thinking about you. Keeping my fingers crossed for your cuties and wish you the best for the job! Oh, and Happy Quilting :)xo, Anja

  4. Hi Anja, Yep, I know your life is even crazier than mine and I also know you are thinking of me and mine as I am thinking of you and yours! Maybe we could do lunch soon! And I am enjoying a very quiet weekend and that is when I get to quilt–which really helps! xo, Daphne

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