Life in the Purple House: Updates and Photos

Thackeray says dog beds aren’t just for dogs!

I have just uploaded a bunch of photos to my Picasa album Mostly Pets, and I shall pick a few to post here but feel free to check them all out if you want.


Anyway, this past week was the first real week of school.  The previous week saw Student Link orientations, but the start of my regular tutoring began on Tuesday.  I survived and I am sure I will become more and more used to the new routine.  Meanwhile, I do really enjoy tutoring and these students, in Vashon’s alternative high school, are just fantastic!  They have figured themselves out better at 16+ than I did for most of my life.  We bond over our mutual adolescence and they are so determined to figure out what they need to do to succeed as adults.  I feel honored to be part of their journey as they are a part of mine.

Sasha prefers glasses for her water!

Meanwhile, the construction update is mostly painting.  One kitchen cabinet did get finished.  The kitchen cabinets have been “nearly finished” since February, as our fourth cabinet maker commented, but I think we are getting closer.  And the exterior painting is coming along well.  Since summer has finally put in an appearance here in the Pacific Northwest, I think the exterior will get completed with any luck.

Chauncey high up on cat furniture hoping for food

Overall the pets are doing well.  I am concerned about Sasha as she is still not eating much if at all, and she now only weighs 5 lbs.  She has not had any chemo oral meds for over a week so I’m hoping they will be out of her system soon.  Those medicines which the oncologist assured us would be something most cats never even notice and that the chewables were something they would gobble down, well that proved to be false on every front for poor Sasha and we shan’t be trying that again!

Oliver after the groomers (and Thackeray in back)
Laoise enjoys the sun on my dresser

Chauncey has lost some weight on the “pumpkin” diet but he obviously doesn’t think much of it.  Earlier in the week when I decided that our couches could return from storage, I had moved things around to make room for the couches and inadvertently left a piece of cat furniture next to the kitchen counter.  I went out for about 15 minutes and came back to find Chauncey standing up in the middle of the counter looking very pleased with himself has he had emptied all the cat food dishes!

Chauncey standing proud where he has no business being!
Chauncey after the groomers

Poosa, Oliver, Thackeray, and Laoise are all doing well, thankfully!  And our regular vet will soon be back in town.  She comes to the house on Wednesday afternoon and that can’t happen soon enough for me!

Chauncey on the counter hoping for more food. The bowls
are squeaky clean!

First ever quilt with only frogs for a 6 yr old frog lover

I have also been quilting and I have finished off three more quilts for Vashon Youth and Family Services and also finished the top for a new lap quilt for me and laid out and partially sewn the top for a new bed quilt also for me.  Today I am cutting lots of squares for the next set of three quilts for VYFS, and I hope also to get at least one of them laid out.  

So that is the update from the Purple House!  I hope all is well wherever you are with you and yours.  Thanks for stopping by!

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