New Photos–Long Overdue

Well, I haven’t posted photos in way too long so this post will be mostly photos of the way my Great Room is shaping up.  I hope you enjoy them!

Thackeray, Oliver, Poosa in kitchen 
Great Room 


Notice all the lovely art on my Great Room walls!  All have been painted by my friend Allison and I am truly lucky to have found an artist whose work I enjoy so much!
Great Room

Ok the photos are already out of date thanks to the electrical mess we had recently.  I now have new sheet rock to the right of the front door and across the ceiling toward the laundry area.  That meant I had to move my loom out of the way and so the loom is now where you see the piano in the above photo and the piano is below the clock in the photo below–where a couch usually is but the couches are thankfully still in storage because of Chauncey’s back surgery.  Much easier to remove anything he could jump on than it would have been to keep him confined!  But at least you can get an idea about the room.
Computer/Desk Area of Great Room

Great Room

You can see the area to the right of the door where the sheet rock was removed.  It also was removed across the ceiling and both lights are currently in the garage.  But the good news is that the circuit has been rewired, new sheet rock has been installed and mudded, and I only have to survive two sandings and one mudding (I think).
Kitchen Area

The handles are on my fridge and freezer.  Vertical handle is the refrigerator and the four horizontal handles are the freezer drawers.  It is a really nice look, I think!

Thackeray, Laoise, and Sasha

Queen Bee Mating

Queen Bee Mating

Sasha, Laoise, Thackeray

It is rare to find my three cats so close together!  Sasha has decided that my bed needs to be made over my stuffed Koala so she has a lovely perch.
New Soffits Being Installed

Fabric for a New Quilt for Me

Since Sasha has devised a new way for me to make my bed I need a wider quilt to cover everything so I picked out all this Kaffe Fassett fabric to use.  Thanks, Sasha, since we should end up with a spectacular quilt!
Island Quilter Bounty

Went to my very favorite quilt store, Island Quilter, yesterday and came home with all these treasures!  I would never have gotten into quilting if it weren’t for this fabulous store and more importantly, Anja and Paul, who have been so encouraging and helpful!
Quilt #145

This is the first quilt I have finished in four months! Thank heavens I am feeling human again.  It is for a friend’s mother-in-law’s 85th birthday.

So that is the current state of me and mine at the moment.  Hopefully more current photos, especially of the yard, will be forthcoming soon!  Have a lovely day!

5 responses

  1. I love your big pink room! Pink, pink, pink. Pinks and purples are my favorite colors…very pretty fabric too. Oh, and cute kitty nap! I love when my kitties get snuggy and sleep in close proximity…it doesn't happen often, but it makes you happy doesn't it?

  2. Thanks, Rose! And yes, having the cats snuggle is wonderful! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  3. i really should comment much more often but life gets in the way. 😦 your house transformation has been just wonderful and it's been great fun to watch happen.i know you do a lot of quilting for charity. do you ever take special requests?

  4. Thought I'd pop in and say Hi .. what a beautifully colourful and vibrant room .. so airy .. I can sense the lovely energy .. your choices of colour are superb .. if I was there I would smile by just being in that gorgeous space .. family (pets) like it too 🙂 .. I loved seeing all those swatches of coloured fabric .. that quilt is amazing .. four months is incredible .. one lucky recipient that's for sure … thankyou for sharing this Daphne .. a breath of fresh air .. Lib x

  5. Thanks, Lib, for your kind comments. Glad you like the quilt as well. When I'm in the mood and actually quilting, I make one that size over a weekend, but I had a long stretch where my stuff was in storage because of remodel and then I had some health issues so there was a quilting hiatus, but I'm very thankful to be back in the groove! I agree about the openness and airy quality. The house used to be a three bedroom with very tiny rooms and since it is just me and the pets, two rooms is really all we need, so I gutted the inside, removed most of the walls, and the results are, I think, most pleasing. And one day it will actually be completed, maybe! Stop by anytime! Cheers!

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