neighbor’s house sold
new neighbors
new property lines revealed
old neighbors building
fences blocking
deer access
dogs howling somewhere
my dogs nervous
aging pets
two surgeries
in one week
changes, changes

some changes
bring joy
learning to text
daughter is closer
tweeting brings
friends and support
new art hanging
on my walls
automatic sprinklers
watering my yard
new dog
enters our family

change happens
life flows
nothing remains constant
whether it brings
joy or sorrow
change will happen
requiring flexibility
learning new skills
adaptability patience
change doesn’t ask me
for permission
it just happens

6 responses

  1. Love this Daphne. Very very good. 5 Star. ❤

  2. Change is good, brings new things, even if we don't want them, but we might learn new skills and interests through change. Sounds though you welcomed this change despite initial uncertainty. Hugs for you Daphne. Love from gennepher x

  3. I've noticed we can't get to the really wonderful things until wego through the changes….. your poems are lovely… drift of swans

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Bonnie, as always, I appreciate your support! And gennepher, yes, some of the changes have been difficult, but I am trying to welcome them. drift of swans, I think you are very right that we have to go through changes to get to really wonderful things, and that is the nature of life as well! Thank you all for liking my poem!

  5. I like this poem, it's very visual and true 🙂

  6. Thank you so much, valerieloveswriting, for your very kind comment! And thanks for stopping by. Have a super day!

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