Light, a Poem

my life spent living
in a black abyss finally
meeting a kindred spirit
united in our pain
sorrow loneliness
surrounded by clawing tentacles
trapped by beliefs
which determine
dreadful realities

one day I notice
the faintest glimmer of light
calling, beckoning
I begin to reach forth
inching my way
slicing through years
of abuse, pain, loss
each day stretching
sometimes sliding back

onwards I crawl
like a newborn
daring to believe
in a new reality
the light grows slightly
more inching toward
the edge of the abyss
lifting myself
barely over, slipping
but struggling free

I glance down
way back in the darkest
part of the black abyss
I see my friend
still trapped in her black reality
I stretch out my hand to help
she grabs but then I start
sliding back down into
the abyss which
would be death to me

I have to let go
my light is for me
guiding me to my path
to a different reality
I can not bring her along
she must find her own
light to guide her out of
her abyss to her new reality
once she finds the courage
to embrace different beliefs

I am sad
feeling another loss
never giving up hope
that one day all lost
souls like me will begin
new journeys to the
paths they were meant
to find
I hold my friend in my heart
hoping she climbs free soon

4 responses

  1. Another revelation for my Twitter friend, Daphne. There is always a tradeoff, isn't there for growth and change. The comfort of your friend must be left behind because that comfort is no longer viable for you. You are changing and your friend must find her own way. Leaving the comfort of old ways is difficult, but necessary. The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together, slowly, but it is happening! Growth and change can be confusing, painful. But the patterns are becoming infused in your heart and brain, and will be revelatory like the light you speak of. Well written, heartfelt, hopeful. Lovely piece, Daphne! xxJ

  2. Thanks, Jackie and your comment is pure poetry in prose form! I find your writing and your thoughts to be extremely powerful! And yes, growth and change are not always comfortable (well, maybe never comfortable), but necessary and really life changing. I feel so much better and at peace. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This poem is simply lovely! Very real, very heart felt! The nature of it's flow reminds me of Mary Oliver's, The Journey. Touching, sad, insightful, hopeful. Keep writing!

  4. Thank you so much for your very kind comment. Mary Oliver is my favorite poet and The Journey is top on my list, so having my poem remind you of her is high praise indeed! I really appreciate your encouragement, and for sure I will keep writing! Stop by anytime and again, thank you so much for your lovely comment–it means a lot!

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