Crows and Life

Lovely crow in my birdbath
She had some tidbit that she wanted to soak.

I am enjoying the antics of a crow in my yard who keeps coming to my birdbath.  Yesterday she brought something, couldn’t tell what, that I think she was eating.  She kept dipping it in the water and playing with it, then drinking water herself, and finally taking whatever it was and flying off.  It was great fun to watch and today she is back again playing in the birdbath even while my yard guys are working nearby.  She is absolutely gorgeous and my photos don’t really do her justice, but I am trying to capture her and if I were outside sitting a ways away I would probably get better photos, but I lack the patience for that.  My telephoto lens did capture a lot!  Anyway, here are the photos I did get and I hope they give you an idea of just how magnificent this lovely bird is.  I know she will be the subject of several poems along the way.

Not sure where she got her tidbit, but she loves it!

She is now sitting on my fence behind the tree.

I also am including some photos of my latest artistic endeavors namely crocheting amigurumi critters and woodcarving (definitely just a beginner in both).  I am branching out but my main efforts lately have still been with my poetry.  I have found lots of kindred spirits on both Facebook and Twitter and I’m really enjoying trying my hand at various forms of poetry.  And my Tanka Diary (see link at the top of this page) is muddling along as well.  I like the idea of writing a daily journal which readers can make comments on, and I like the discipline of attempting a tanka every day, even if I find some of my efforts a bit lame at the end of a long day when I’m tired, but I still think I am learning and the discipline is worth the effort.  I’m also branching out a bit and posting my poetry on several poetry websites and I am continually amazed at how well it is received.

My first effort at woodcarving–a self-portrait

Anyway those are the current updates for now.  I have to admit I’m not sure where my days go, but they are going reasonably well.  And for those who aren’t following the Tanka Diary, the school year is winding down and next year I will volunteer exclusively at Student Link, our alternative high school, where I will work three mornings/week tutoring and marking papers.  Sasha will have her last chemo treatment this coming Friday 6/3, and I will have sinus surgery on 6/15.  I think that’s all the updates, and I hope all my readers are having a wonderful day!

My first amigurumi creatures–pattern says they are
hamsters, but they seem mor like slugs to me, but
I think they are very cute!
All three cats enjoying the sun–Laoise, Thackeray, and Sasha

6 responses

  1. I love crows. They're so smart and beautiful. Hopefully this girl will be a regular visitor for you. The crows around here have my cats scuttling! They keep them at bay when they even think about climbing into a tree where the crows are nesting…they definitely keep a sharp lookout. Your amigurumi creations are cute! One looks sort of like a slug…a hamster slug, and the other one looks more like a hammie or a piglet. Cute!Glad to see your kitties enjoying the sun…so nice that they sleep together too. Good luck with Sasha's last chemo and your surgery.

  2. Super pictures, Dapne! Wow, for someone who doesn't always feel so great, you certainly are ambitious and productive! Keep it up!

  3. I love your photos of your crow friend, Daphne! She's beautiful indeed, and I imagine she's great fun to watch. Your birdbath is beautiful too, and makes such a pretty, striking contrast with the crow's glossy black feathers. I tried to make out what her special little treat was, but it's a mystery. A Corn Nut, perhaps?I agree with Brigid that you are very ambitious and productive! Your activities make me feel like a slug! Speaking of which… your colorful amigurumi critters look like they were fun to make! I thought at first that they were piglets, but now that you've mentioned it, I can see a hamster in the bigger one. And only because you said they look like slugs to you can I detect a slug-like body in the smaller one. Perhaps you've discovered a new hybrid species – the slugsterlet? :-)Love your feline trio all napping in the sunshine. Makes me want to curl up there with them!Hooray for Sasha, I hope her final chemo treatment goes well on Friday! We'll be leaving for Colorado that day, but I'll be thinking of you both! And I hope your sinus surgery is a success as well!

  4. Thanks, Rose, for your kind comments and also your good wishes for Sasha. Tomorrow is the last chemo for her and she and I will both be glad when that is done, but so far absolutely no sign of return, so I'm hoping she and I have a lot of years left together! And I love the species hamster slug! That's spot on.Thanks, Brigid, for your comments and yes, I am trying to keep going in spite of difficulties. Just found out yesterday I have yet another sinus infection–guess that is the sign from the universe that the sinus surgery really needs to happen! Thanks for stopping by and I will post again soon on Sure am glad that violet won even if by only one vote!And thanks Laurie, for your comments on my crow photos–you do such wonderful photos that that is high praise indeed. And yes, a hybird species is definitely in order, as Rose mentioned too, and I like your term slugsterlet! I think I'll keep that if that's ok. We haven't had a lot of sunshine but the critters do make the most of it. I'll be thinking of you heading to Colorado as Sasha and I are undergoing her last chemo and thanks for your good wishes for both her and me on my upcoming sinus surgery. And meanwhile, your productivity far outweighs anything I do! Sure hope the home sale is progressing and very glad that you can get out of there for awhile! Look forward to further updates!

  5. Crows are exceptionally smart. I had clipped a great article on them a year or so ago and could not find it. I was going to send you the magazines link. I am sure there is lots of material online about them though. Liked your first attempt at wood carving. — barbara

  6. Thanks, Barbara, for you kind comment and I'm glad you liked my first attempt at wood carving. You are so right about crows! I have a pair of them who are apparently getting peanuts at one of my neighbors and then they fly over to my birdbath to dunk them! Really fun to watch! Have a great day!

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