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Friday the 13th has been an interesting day.  So far, my iTunes has lost its playlists and I couldn’t find my music and had to call Apple support which was blessedly helpful and all my music is safe but I’ve had to reconfigure my playlists, but at least it is all here.  Then my dvd didn’t play right away and I had to reset my stereo.  Is this the 13th jinx on Friday the 13th or is it just life.  I have watched my moods swing as these events unfolded and of course the computer woes triggered all sorts of family stuff also since in the past I would have been able to ask Eric about it but now that isn’t a possibility.  But on the plus, once I showered and fed my very noisy pets I was able to contact Apple customer service which helped immensely and that also was terrifying to start out with since I remembered the days when various computer customer service calls resulted in someone talking in “computer geek” making me feel stupid and that wasn’t helpful and on top of that, if the customer service rep had an accent, my poor hearing just compounded the issue.  Today however, I had a very pleasant experience working with a calm gentleman named Bernard who was reassuring, very specific in his requests, never making me feel stupid or dumb, ending with a successful outcome.  If I have any more difficulties within 30 days I will get all the support I need at no extra charge, so I am very pleased with Apple Service, very pleased that I had the courage to overcome my fears, to put my past on hold, to look, as my current online class in Eastern Philosophies is teaching me, at what is real.  I am a reasonably intelligent woman who is capable of looking after myself and taking care of my companions and I can find help when I need it and now all is going well and I am continuing to import more cd’s into my iTunes library and so life is looking good again.

So was this bad luck because it is Friday the 13th?  Or was it just the fact that electronics will misbehave along the way?  And was it in the end good luck because I was able to handle it all, nothing was truly damaged, and I learned more about myself and my reactions and the reasons for them?  I guess it is all in how I look at the situation.  And I’d been saying that 13 is a lucky number for our family, but in fact it was a lucky number for my father, but is it for me?  And is there such a thing as a lucky number in the first place or does life just unfold and what happens happens?  Anyway, those are my thoughts on this, but it has been very interesting to watch my mood swings in the first place and also to see that I have at least learned not to knee-jerk react quite so quickly.  I was upset to find all my iTunes “missing,” and I did try some sensible things like rebooting, etc., but when it got beyond my knowledge, I had enough sense to go take my shower, think things through, and contact someone who actually might know something.  So it ended up being a positive learning experience for me and that has to count for a lot.  Each time I can have that positive experience it builds new neural pathways for me to help me undo the heavily ingrained scripts in my head, so that I can stop the old tapes of “you’re stupid,” etc. and instead look at the reality of the situation.  

In the end, I’d have to say that so far at least, this has been a lucky day for me because I’ve learned more about myself and how to handle things when I encounter the inevitable bumps in the road.  This is very good, and when I get triggered again, hopefully I will recognize that I have been triggered, take time to re-think and re-evaluate the situation, avoid knee-jerk reactions, and try to see the reality of the moment instead of living with all the past.  The past is over and done with.  Most of what I was programmed with is false.  It is time to get rid of that and move into the present moment when I have a lovely bumblebee flying in and out of a gorgeous magenta flower right outside my window!  It is a beautiful day and I’m going to focus on enjoying that!

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  1. Hi Daphne!Hope you are indeed enjoying this lovely day! If only electronics waited for one day in the year to screw up, but in my humble opinion, I think the missing tunes was more a factor of the general nature of digital media rather than bad luck.So glad it all worked out for you. Having a good experience with customer service is always a plus.

  2. I suspect you are quite right, but it did give me food for thought about how something I thought was horrible turned out to be a positive experience and a good learning moment. Good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are surviving our freezing wet weather!

  3. That's too bad your son Eric can't help you now, any particular reason for that?

  4. yes, he doesn't have a lot of time and there are family dynamics that he has to sort out–he's trying, but basically I am not allowed much contact and certainly couldn't ask for help. It is hard and very sad for me and I hope one day it will be different, but there it is. Thankfully Apple techs were wonderful! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Yes, that is sad, so sorry to read that.

  6. Thanks, and it is extremely tough, but not a lot I can do about it. I appreciate your comment. Maybe one day life will sort and I'll have family again. Who knows? I keep hoping. Have a nice day/evening!

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