Sasha, Existence, Depression, Life, Etc.

Another week has gone by.  The biggest event was Sasha’s second chemo treatment which went much more easily than the first one.  Fair Isle Animal Clinic gave us a room for the morning and I was able to hold Sasha all the time except for the two actual treatments when her oncologist held her and she burrowed her head into the oncologist’s shoulder and was ok.  Sasha therefore got lots of loving and I know that made a difference.  Her anti-nausea medicine is now in a form where I just have to rub it in her ear and that is much more pleasant for us both and much more effective as well, so she is eating just fine so far.  Next chemo will be May 6th, as long has her blood work is good.  We are now half way with just two more treatments to go.

No real construction this week so nothing to report there.  Leigh will be back from visiting her mom on Tuesday and then things will move forward again.  But the electrical inspection did happen this past Tuesday and of course passed just fine.

My son, Eric, ran a 50 mile endurance run yesterday, the Zane Grey 50 in AZ, and he did very well.  It was apparently hotter than last year and so more of a challenge, but he tweeted that he ran a smart race and that should help him in his training for his next 100 mile race, the Bighorn in mid-June.

Otherwise, life continues.  I’m fighting with depression yet again–sort of a constant with me, I know.  Can’t decide what to do with the day, and wondering about the big existential questions.  As I tweeted this morning: does existence need to be justified?  If so, how?  If not, why?  But I suspect, as my therapist keeps reminding me, this too will sort and pass.  That’s this week’s update and I promise more news and photos and good cheer in the next post.  Hope life is treating you all very well indeed.

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  1. Hi Daphne!I'm sending good thoughts and vibes for Sasha.Your son can run 50 miles at one go?…100 miles? That is really something. The farthest I've ever run was 10. He must be in great health!As for the existence questions…I don't know. I've been up and down lately, lamenting my lost youth. But, at the end of the day, I think that existence is what you make it, and it's a precious time we have here together in this incarnation…sometimes I think about this short time on earth that I have right now, and how I'm sharing it with certain multitudes of other beings…not the people who lived 100 years ago, and not the people who will be alive 100 years from now, just the people and beings who are alive in the here and now, and it makes each and every one of us special to each other, I think.

  2. Hi Rose,Thanks for the good wishes for Sasha–she is really not only a wonderful friend but remarkable at beating the odds, which I'm hoping continues for a long time. And yes, my son is a long distance endurance runner and he has completed a 100 mile endurance run, come close to completing 2 others, completed a couple 50 miles and several 50K and I can't even imagine doing it on any level. I've never been able to walk more than 5 and can no longer do that and never could run! But he and his wife are both runners and they love it!I'm not sure on the existence either. But I do think you are on the right track. I just feel too often that if I don't "do" enough I'm not justifying my existence, that just "being" isn't sufficient, but that is on my less good days and I suspect that your view is much more to the point. Thanks so much for sharing and caring! Just read your latest post and glad that you have a new cooker! You will put it to good use I know. I haven't really done a lot with mine except boil water in a teakettle and saute mushrooms and make tofu scrambler, but one day remodel will end, my energies will be better and I'll try out some of your recipes! Have a nice evening.

  3. I'm so glad that Sasha is tolerating her treatments so well so far. Her oncologist sounds like a wonderful doctor.I'm so sorry that you're struggling with depression again. Wish there was something I could do to help. 😦

  4. Thanks, Lydia! Sasha is a wonder cat and her oncologist is absolutely wonderful! And depression is just part of my life. It waxes and wanes and such is life. Thanks for your good wishes. Loved your blog post today on play!

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