Sunday March 26, 2011

Great Room–finally got some of my paintings hung!

I seem to be getting into a pattern of doing weekly updates on the remodel progress in my home and my life in general, and doing the updates on Sunday.  I guess that makes sense as it takes me awhile to unwind from the activities of the previous week.  And again, the update is mostly photos.

Great Room

Anyway, the most important thing in my mind is the update on Sasha.  She didn’t eat much at all for the week after her chemo and as a result she lost 1/2 lb.  Fortunately she had some wiggle room on her weight, but it is a concern nonetheless and I have to say that my mood today, Sunday, was greatly improved when I saw her eat this morning and even better, not lose what she ate shortly thereafter.  So I’m hoping we are on the mend after her first chemo treatment, and the oncologist has already said that the next dose will be smaller so that hopefully she won’t have another crummy week.

Great Room with my quilting machines and loom
back from storage as well as some fabric.

Meanwhile, I did discover that my wonderful vet, Dr. Nell Coffman at Fair Isle Animal Clinic, is actually happy to make house calls, and so that is what we are definitely doing in the future for all the pets.  She and Dana came out on Friday to check Sasha and they ended up also treating Thackeray who developed horrible conjunctivitis in his right eye just hours before their arrival.  Thackeray gets major points for timing.  Sasha’s blood work is apparently very good after her first chemo and that is a hopeful sign.  And I’m now giving medications to three pets, Chauncey, Thackeray, and of course Sasha.  I suspect that Laoise is eating most of the cat stuff mixed into the food which is really intended for Sasha and Thackeray, but there it is.

Great Room

As far as the rest on the construction front, it has been more of the same–more painting, more sheetrock patching (fortunately that is now done and primed!), more electrical, more plumbing, more carpentry, and so it goes.  My life in storage is now returning.  I had hopes of doing some quilting this weekend, but then realized my iron and ironing board are still in storage.  But it will happen soon.  I’m really hoping that my life returns out of storage this week before Leigh, my fabulous contractor, takes a 2 week break to visit her mother in Florida.  That way I’d have two weeks to sort things and figure where things will all go, and if things don’t fit, decide how much I want them and send them on their way.

Closet and 1/2 bath end of Great Room–I’m really glad
I decided on the doors matching the closet interior colors.
Great Room from closet end of it

Great Room with the electrical being enclosed more

I love my windows!

Whether I’m quilting, weaving, or working at my desk,
I’ll have wonderful views of my yard!

And so that has been our week here on Vashon.  The upcoming week appears to be more of the same, and I’m very happy with the way things are all coming together.  Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through the rebuilding of our home.

Looking back toward the kitchen area where one day
I will have cupboards, a pantry and a convection oven!

4 responses

  1. I love what you did with your place! It's so open, looks like a kitty paradise and the windows are so nice. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Vegan Flower, and yes, I'm determined to keep it open and I love my new windows and skylights–a real plus given living in the Pacific Northwest! The cats will be even happier when all the rest of their cat furniture comes back from storage, something I hope will happen this week. Anyway, many thanks for stopping by!

  3. The place is looking great! You must be so happy to be getting your space back and all your things in place!Oh, and what a little trooper Sasha is. Hopefully, the next treatments won't have the same effect. It's a good sign she's got her appetite back.

  4. Hi Rose, Can't believe I haven't yet thanked you for this comment! Got lost in my e-mail, but I do appreciate it and yes we are all glad to have our space back and it is progressing. Sasha just finished her 2nd chemo and she is a great kitty and a real trooper! This time was easier on us both and we are now 1/2 way which is very good indeed. Again, thanks as always for stopping by and sorry it took me so long to reply!

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