Sunday March 20, 2011 Update

Chauncey and Sasha
Ok, this entry is going to be photo heavy as I already wrote another blog entry today, but I did want to get the week’s summary up for those following my remodel as well as Sasha’s health.

Sasha thinks that my new file drawer, which Leigh made awhile ago before the major remodeling but which we just got to see for the first time on Saturday, is a wonderful spot!  I’m just thrilled that she feels well enough after her first chemo to be exploring.

Sasha snagged the best spot in the house!

Sasha had her first chemo treatment on Friday and while it was exhausting for us both (we were at the vet’s for over 6 hours and I was with her except during the two treatments, one of about 20 minutes and one of about 15 minutes), she seems to be doing very well indeed.  She explored the new Great Room and then managed to snag the dog bed on Poosa’s couch for a well deserved nap in the sun!

New Great Room!

We got to move back into the Great Room on Wednesday and we are now fully functional, even if there are a few extension cords running around.  Lots more trim, electrical, some plumbing, and cabinet, range hood, convection oven, refrigerator and freezer installation still to happen, but we are very happy to be up and running. 

Lights are hung and we’ve moved in!

 Got these ceiling lights online, and I can’t believe how perfect they are–the color of the floor tying everything together beautifully, or so we think.

Most of my stuff and much of the cat furniture is still in storage.

New freezer and fridge which hopefully will be operational
soon.  The doors are off at the painter’s.  All three skylights
(2 new and one replaced) are visible here and add a ton of light.


Much of our lives are still in storage, so the empty spaces won’t last, but we don’t need any of it right now, although I’m sure the cats will be thrilled when some of their favorite furniture returns, and I am behind on my quilting, but we are content now with functional dsl, lovely blu ray TV, and minimal kitchen capabilities.

The new freezer (shorter of the two) and refrigerator are wonderful and I think they will be made functional in the next few days even if their final installation has to wait until the doors and sides come from the painter.  I can’t wait!

Closet, cat feeding/litter box station, 1/2 bath, and laundry

Still need closet and bathroom doors, but we have functionality!  I am glad to have my 1/2 bath back again (it was the first thing to go last November!), and I’m also glad that I don’t have to have litter boxes in my bedroom anymore!

I just love all my windows!

This room just seems so incredible to me!  I knew I wanted walls gone, but I honestly had no idea what the finished product would be like.  And I’m still not sure just how we will arrange the space when our lives come back from storage, but it will be wonderful, of that I am convinced!

5 responses

  1. It's looking great, Daphne. You must be so relieved to have some breathing room again. 🙂

  2. What a happy-looking place!

  3. Lydia and Andrea: Many thanks for stopping by and yes, it is a great relief to have more space and not be falling over stuff, pets, etc. all the time! And I too find the pink to be a very happy color, especially helpful during the Pacific Northwest winters!

  4. It is gorgeous, Daphne,,, Catherine from WOWH

  5. Thanks, Catherine, and so good to hear from you! Have a great day!

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