Sasha is Home!

I am an Elizabethan queen!

TGIF!  I am so very grateful for Sasha and for how well she is healing!  There doesn’t seem to be any more bloody drool so I haven’t had to do that hot washcloth trick as of this morning.  She looks just as clean as she did after Nell cleaned her yesterday noon.  

Look at me go!  Just got home and I’m thrilled to be here!

Purple and pink stitches!  Can’t wait for my fur to grow back!

And Sasha is eating and drinking and doesn’t seem to mind the blue collar at all.  It is a big plus that the collar is soft, but even so, thinking in advance, I was so sure that this would all be much worse than it actually was and that Sasha would be totally miserable and hate me and the entire process, but just 48 hours after surgery she seems back to her old self and wants petting and so I am thrilled.  

We have certainly bought her some time just by removing the icky horrible mass and we have done it without totally upsetting her.  She was asleep, after all, for the really horrible part and she got to spend the night at Dr. Nell’s and so I’m sure she has lots of tales to tell Thackeray and Laoise about the cat and dogs she met there and the TV she watched with Dr. Nell.  The part Sasha likes least is the ride in the car, but she’s always going to have to do that. 

I am already eating dry food!

Otherwise, the actual surgery seems from what she is telling me to have been nothing more than a blip on the radar for a couple days and now things look good to her, or so it seems to me.  She looks very regal in her blue collar and I hope she realizes just how special she is getting to wear it and all.  

Don’t I look lovely!

Anyway, I am so thrilled to have her doing so well!  Oh, another fashion statement, Chip the surgeon gave her both pink and purple stitches so that is just totally cool also.  And now we can all look forward to a quiet weekend.  I don’t have anything on as the SAT Prep class I was teaching has finished, so we can all just chill for the entire weekend which seems a wonderful plan indeed.

I can even snuggle down with my collar.

I am soooo happy to be home!

Sasha is doing fantastically!

6 responses

  1. I'm happy for you and Sasha that she responded so well to her surgery. I have a nearly 18 year old dog so I know the joys and fears of living with an older beloved pet.

  2. Thanks so much, Andrea! And yes, while I did adopt a 5 yr. old cocker spaniel this past May, all my others are older. The cats I've always considered to be my "young ones" are coming up to 12 yrs old. Sasha is 15, and my other cocker spaniel is coming up to 13, and of course I'm no spring chicken at 65, so age is a factor for all of us. But as you point out, there are the joys as well as the fears and right now Sasha is giving us all much joy!

  3. I'm so glad that Sasha is doing well!

  4. Sasha looks like she's doing wonderfully. I am so happy for you and her! Enjoy your weekend of relaxation.

  5. Thanks, Rose, and yes, it is winter break this week so I don't have anything until Wed. afternoon, which I think is really lovely! And Sasha didn't need any pain meds today and she even slept in my lap this evening, so she is doing really well!

  6. Thanks, Lydia, Sasha is truly remarkable! She doesn't mind her blue collar and she doesn't have any bleeding, doesn't need pain meds, is eating crunchy food, and slept in my lap for an hour tonight! It is a miracle, I think!

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