A Day of Rest!

I do seem to do remodel update blog posts on Sunday.  I suspect that is because lately that has been the only day I have had to myself and I am really enjoying the solitude.  I got to sleep in until after 9:30AM this morning, puttered around doing chores for me and my companions, had a wonderful sunny shower along about noon, and it is all quite fantastic!  I even managed to get some photos of my roof to show off the blue which has started going on.  Yesterday we had such a major wind/rain storm (which uncovered a couple leaks in the aforementioned roof but not where the metal is!) that I couldn’t get photos, but I went out this morning and here they are.

New rafters are on the left and old on the right.

All the new rafters are now in, lowering the ceiling
slightly, but making it much better looking!

This week saw the addition of living room rafters so that my living room ceiling will resemble an arch instead of a peaked cathedral ceiling with an enormous beam hanging down from the peak.  Leigh thought of that brilliant idea a few days ago and Jay and Bill got it whipped out in a couple days, and I like the effect very much indeed.  I also realized that at some level I feel more secure knowing that there is a bit more space between me and the outside world, and so the slightly lowered ceiling allows for that as well.   

New living room ceiling look, more of an arch and lovely!

This rebuilding of my home is very time-consuming and I feel much more comfortable with the removal of any thought of deadlines, completion dates, etc.  I know that I drive Leigh bonkers at times and make her job as contractor harder, because it is so important to me to be “in the mix,” and to know something about the people working here and their energy levels, etc. because face it that energy is being poured into my home and I want it to be good, positive, healthy energy with minimum stress.  My therapist, Cynthia, explained to me this week how out of the bell curve I am in this and how most homeowners don’t want to know every single detail and just care about getting the job done and getting the construction people out of their space.  And Leigh has explained to me the difficulties she encounters when I talk to subcontractors and I do understand all that.

I finally get to see what the blue looks like!  It is wonderful!

With that being said, I am who I am and the major reason I am surviving this rebuilding of my home with me still in residence is because of the neat people I am meeting and getting to know and because I am learning so much about my home, every little detail, just as I am learning about myself.  I know where my home has been neglected so I can pour good energies especially into those spots and I know where my home’s strengths are (my trusses and just this past week I learned that my home is remarkably square as well!).  I have learned and will continue to learn a ton about construction from every angle, and this is wonderful for me also.  And so, I’m content with the pace we have going, where my terrific plumber, Daryl, and electrician, Gary, are fitting me in and around their already overbooked lives and with Leigh keeping such fantastic track of the myriad of things which are going on and all of us can move forward at the pace which is appropriate for my home.  This slightly slower pace also allows us all time to think and to make sure that we don’t miss anything that we might wish later that we had done.  So it is all working very nicely indeed.

True bliss–a blue metal roof on a purple home, or so I think!

This week saw the last (or close to) of the old wiring and the plumbing start on the 1/2 bath and the new living room rafters, and lots of roofing details, and some framing of closets.  The coming week will see more electrical, including new wiring, more plumbing, and more framing (new windows!), and of course more roofing.  It looks to be an exciting and fun week and I’ll keep everyone posted!  We are surviving really well in our little studio apartment.  I do have moments of missing my quilting and weaving, but I’m having such fun with writing that it is all just fine, and my companions really and truly seem to enjoy having all of us cuddled together!  There is lots of snuggle/petting time and that is fantastic!

2 responses

  1. Wasn't the sunshine lovely today? Having an outdoor shower sounds wonderful. I can understand how must relish Sundays and some solitude. Those rafters look fantastic. It must be fun to plan a remodel, do things just the way you want them and see it all come together. "Blue roof on a purple home=true bliss"—haha, awesome! I love all your vibrant colors.

  2. Yes, the sunshine was absolutely glorious and I truly love my outside shower in all weathers! This morning I had rain along with the hot water and that was really neat also. And yes, I am finding the rebuilding of my home to be very satisfying indeed. Glad you like the new rafters–they really make it all look much better and make a lot more sense. More blue roof is going up today in the rain and it just looks wonderful!

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