Opening a Can of Worms!

Daphne pulling down living room ceiling!  I had fun!!
Look what I did (and then left before the disaster was revealed.

Again, remodel follows life.  I learned yesterday that my roof is unsound and filled with dry rot and black mold.  I would never have learned this (until, that is, the roof actually gave way) if I hadn’t decided to do the remodel and to do it properly with the removal of the old cheap ceiling tiles (which I got to do a major portion of and that was fun!), and then take the further step of removing the old insulation so that everything could be properly cleaned and checked out.  Of course, things don’t go as planned and the removal of the insulation disclosed dry rot and black mold.  The six of us (my three cats, two dogs, and me) have been sent off to my bedroom and actually it is very cosy in my new “home” of 331 sq. ft. (a 30 x 11 room), and the roof gets looked at tomorrow and then I’ll see where I’m at.  And the mold is being dealt with now, so that hopefully by the day’s end I won’t have to wear a mask to go into the main part of the house and the pets will be allowed to accompany me, so that I can do things like laundry and cooking.  Last night I brought my toaster oven into my bedroom to make my Sunshine Burger for dinner and I rinsed my sprouts in my bathroom sink, and I’d just as soon that adventure didn’t continue.  But otherwise, I’m fine with my desk and computer and a small tv/dvd combo unit and my iPod and my recliner moved into my bedroom.  I also have my piano keyboard as well as, of course, pet feeding dishes, water bowls, and a litter box.  Needless to say it is very cosy and I’m learning to walk slowly and carefully, but it works.  I even found a place to roll out my yoga mat this morning (well most of it anyway) and I could do yoga as long as I didn’t try anything that went off the mat as I was sandwiched between my recliner and my bed and a piece of cat furniture.

Mold and dry rot abound on the underside of my roof.

More dry rot and mold.  It is being treated so we can walk
into the main part of the house without masks, but it will go!
Look at my new “studio” apartment
Things will settle down but we got through the first night,
all six of us, without major incident!
I cooked my dinner in a toaster oven on top of my dresser.
Some kitchen, eh Rose and Laloofah!

Anyway, my point about the remodel today is that all too often I have just “not looked” at my interior any more than I’d looked at my ceiling.  I’ve kept busy, kept the demons shut away much like the mold and dry rot, just gone on day to day staying distracted one way or another.  But I learned a few years back when I started therapy that the deep issues in the mind and soul don’t go away and just like the dry rot and black mold, they will surface and they will cause damage if they aren’t dealt with.  Ignoring problems of any kind does not make them go away.  They don’t just disappear.  Problems need to be faced and dealt with, as my cat, Thackeray, is now reminding me since I have not yet scooped his litter box this morning and that, for him, is a problem that needs correcting, and as anyone with cats knows, keeping cats happy (and dogs too) is vital.  Anyway, the metaphor continues as I excavate both me and my home, and I’m sure things will be better on the remodel front soon.  Today the furnace is being changed from an electric furnace with heat pump to a gas furnace with heat pump (the heat pump part stays the same), and maybe the electric water heater gets changed out for a gas one also, if not today then tomorrow (it is sitting in my garage).  So lots going on here, but that is life after all, and I’m safely out of the construction zone which is probably a very good thing for everyone!

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  1. Ooooh, bad deal! But you are so fortunate to have caught it before it resulted in a real catastrophe! Do they think your attic wasn't properly ventilated? We live in such a dry climate, we don't have to think of such things. (Our lack of humidity causes other problems, which you probably know from your Arizona days!) I'm curious though, how one prevents mold and dry rot in such a damp climate as yours.Your bedroom does sound like a cozy retreat! I'd be wanting to just hole up there like a bunny in her burrow and not come out till everything's all finished, cleaned up and put back. LOLLast night I looked at the photos of you pulling down those ceiling tiles, and it did look like you were rather enjoying yourself! 🙂 I usually love the demolition phase, especially if the thing being demolished was something I loathed. Glad your massage worked wonders! (Mine was great too, but I'm having to ice now!)

  2. You are spot on as usual that a lot of the damage was from an improperly vented roof. There were also some leaks, so tomorrow I get to meet with two different roof people. Personally, I want a blue metal roof, but we shall see if that is realistic. And I had a ball demolishing–got to pull off some of the crappy paneling as well. Glad you too had a good massage, but don't mention ice right now, please, as I'm still waiting on heat! The furnace install turns out to be a two day process, but Shawn, my heating guy, is doing something temporarily for tonight, although that has yet to happen. My bedroom (which is very cosy and I agree with retreating there and the dogs are also much quieter when they can't see who is coming and going) is 62 right now, which I thought very cold until I went out into the rest of the house which is even colder, so hopefully something will happen very soon!!

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