My Haiku Efforts

I have just started exploring Haiku, and I am enjoying it a lot!  I decided to try to write some of my own, and so these are my first efforts.

Haiku 1
left ear ache
breathing into pain
winter day born

Haiku 2

fir branches limp
hanging in white spaces
snowflakes falling

Haiku 3
bending firs
in my shower standing

Haiku 4
cat sleeping

Haiku 5
fir trees drooping

Haiku 6
white crunchy
standing in the shower
hot steam

4 responses

  1. I LOVE Haiku! Isn't it fun to write? I think it gets addictive! My favorites are #2, 4 and 5. I love the imagery.One of the fair trade, organic chocolate candy companies (I forget which, but I think it was The Endangered Species Chocolate Company) held a contest several years ago in which entries had to be Haiku poems about chocolate. I didn't win, but here were my entries…Dark with jungle shadeand the sweetness of bird songVegan chocolate.No suffering cowsmade my vegan chocolate!Just milk of kindness.:-)

  2. You are truly one awesome person, Laloofah! You've done it all! Thanks for enjoying my beginning efforts at haiku and yes, it is addictive and very spiritual as well. I've been reading about the differences between Japanese and English and the fact that their "syllables" are really sound breaks and not like our syllables, so that their 5-7-5 pattern doesn't exactly translate into English so the option instead is for English haiku to be a short line, long line, short line instead and that's the form I've taken to trying out first. Yours on vegan chocolate are really cool! I love them and I think you should have won! I especially like the first one as the imagery just captures such a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awww, Daphne, that's very sweet of you to say! But I've yet to even come close to doing it all, and any awesomeness on my part is often dubious. :-)That's very interesting, what you've been reading about haiku. Back when I was working on the chocolate haikus, I'd found a couple of great web sites (which I un-awesomely did NOT bookmark, what was I thinking?) that talked about the tradition of haiku. That's where I first found out haiku isn't just the straight 5-7-5 syllable composition that I learned in school. But I have since forgotten exactly what else they said (except that haiku is almost always about Nature and the natural world), so reading what you learned about the line breaks and short line, long line, short line was great. Have you written any more, or are you still enbroiled in remodeling chaos? I can see where the tranquil simplicity of writing haiku would be a great antidote to having your refrigerator in the middle of your living room!! :-)I'm glad you enjoyed my chocolate haikus, and thank you for your generous praise. That first one was my favorite of the two as well. 🙂 Too bad you weren't one of the judges, eh? :-)Just for fun – have you ever seen Cat and Dog Haikus? Some of them are pretty cute and funny (and true!)Hope things are going well at Chakra Cottage! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link to the Cat and Dog haiku–I hadn't seen that and I am enjoying it. And yes, as you pointed out, the haiku is a great antidote for chaos and I'm enjoying it so much that I've added a new blog just for my haiku ( and I'm going to see if I can continue with writing at least one/day. I reposted all six of my first ones in one post and then made separate posts for the next ones. Things are going well with the remodel and I certainly enjoyed the last bit of last week where all the work took place outside! My gas meter is now installed! Hopefully Leigh will be able to nail my plumber to the spot so he can get gas lines run and the electrician is supposed to be here tomorrow for electrical as well. And on it goes! Hope you are warmer! Our weather is downright balmy (50's) but very, very wet, so I'm glad that most of the utility trench has been backfilled! Take care!

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