Christmas and Birthday Wonders

I’ve posted photos of some pretty special gifts I’ve received from some very special people, for both Christmas and my birthday (today I turned 65!).

A wondrously cool math pop quiz clock from my son Eric,
his wife Kelly, and my 2 year old granddaughter Josie!
Can you do the math?
Sleeping garden gnome
Sleeping garden gnome from my dear friend, Kathy
Millicent the Mermaid from my dear friend Kathy
Millicent the Mermaid watching over me
Millicent the Mermaid and her dolphin friend.  She just
makes my heart sing!

2 responses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Daphne!! Looks like you're having a fun one! I'm glad you got to celebrate your birthday at The Monkey Tree and am sure you helped it take its final bows in style. I looked it up online and think that's an awful shame it's closing! It sounded wonderful. Of course, their closing merely creates an opening for Daphne's Vegan Bistro in a few months. ;-)ROTFL, I'd never show up on time to anything if I had a clock like that! Math is not ma thang. 🙂 But that is some clever and I think one should hang in every math class!So THAT'S your mermaid! I was wondering what you were talking about in an earlier post about your mermaid arriving. She's fantastic! What a perfect addition to your beautiful landscape. (I can't believe how green and lush it is there!) Her dolphin friend is the sweetest! I have an idea for a name for your garden gnome, inspired by our comments on your previous post about the way things are going in this country…Gnome Chomsky! LOL ;-)Hope you keep enjoying a delightful birthday, Daphne!

  2. Thanks, Laloofah and yes, the day is working out nicely. I have a couple presents to open after my dinner and otherwise a lovely quiet evening. And no, I'd never be a replacement for The Monkey Tree on many levels, but thanks for the thought! The math clock is definitely me (although the way they get 9 is lame since pi isn't just 3.14, but I'll let that slide). I was, after all, a physics major in my first life and I just love numbers and how they work. Millicent fits beautifully into my yard, and I don't handle deciduous trees well, so I have an absolute plethora of conifers. With all the rain we've had it is definitely green and lush! One thing I couldn't handle when I lived in AZ was the absence of green, even though the desert can be really beautiful. And isn't the dolphin just precious! I do like your idea of naming my gnome Gnome Chomsky! You come up with the best stuff! Anyway, have a peaceful evening and thanks for all the good wishes.

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