What a Day! Dentist, Beams, Lots of Fun

Remodel progress with a new beam above Poosa 

Ok, I’m dental-phobic and the thought of having to be up in the morning early enough to be sitting in my dentist’s chair at 7:30AM just added to the misery.  I’ve had to be up early every day this week and I am not someone who functions at all well, for a variety of reasons including physical, before 10AM at the earliest, 11AM being even better.  But I’ve done it and I have to do it one more time tomorrow because of my son’s impending visit, but Saturday and peace are just around the corner.  

The new beam is above and the new post is in front of
the green wall.  The new wood looks new and smells great!

Anyway, I did get to the dentist office at 7:30 and I was then in the chair for 4 hours (yep, I said 4!).  It wasn’t Dr. Rasmussen’s fault.  He is gentleness personified and his goal (which was successful) was to have me not feel pain.  I had laughing gas as well as enough novocaine to knock out a small horse, but eventually he succeeded in making me numb and he removed my 35 year old bridge, cleaned up the small amount of decay which had set in (which is why it was so sensitive), took impressions for my new bridge (which I will get on January 13th), and put in a temporary bridge.  I did enjoy visiting with both Dr. Rasmussen and his assistant, Cindy, but I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got out of there!  I was also very hungry, but I hadn’t dared eat before I went (one of the physical reasons I don’t function before mid-morning), and now I was numb!  But I was able to shop at Minglement and then head home.

The new beam and post are visible as well as my lovely
kitchen island! The post on the left will go once the steel
beams are installed down the length of the room ceiling.

I discovered major work had taken place while I was at the dentist’s.  I timed things well in that everyone was off at lunch, but I could see where all the posts had been removed and new posts installed in the walls and it was looking fantastic!  All that had to be done in the afternoon was put in the horizontal beam and I now have a wonderfully clean look to it all, as these photos show!  I also now have a wonderful kitchen island (on wheels) which Leigh assembled for me yesterday, so that helps the kitchen congestion immensely!  And Leigh let me know that it will be days (not weeks or months) for the cabinet guy to build my pantry, my oven cabinet, and my dish cabinet, so that is wonderful news.

 All in all, lots happened today (which was possible because of all the prep work done all week), and I’m thrilled to have this progress as my holiday present to me!

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  1. Wow, this WAS quite a day for you, poor lass! I feel for you, as I'm a major dental-phobic too. I think the profession is barbaric. Actually, my last and current dentists are gentle and good, but before them I had a lot of bad, traumatic dental (and orthodontic) experiences and I have not quite forgiven the ADA yet. And FOUR HOURS in a dentist's chair? Starting at 7:30 a.m.? See, told you – barbaric!Have you ever read "The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth" by Robert Benchley? It was in an anthology of essays my grandmother gave me when I was 12 or 13, and it made quite an impression (<– subtle dental pun, lol). I thought it was awfully funny, even though it was published in 1922 and sounds charmingly dated at times. You might get a kick out of it, especially now that your dental ordeal is over! I know you still have to get your permanent bridge, but assume that won't be anything major, and am glad the worst part of it is over for you! Whew!And to come home to all that great progress! Nice! And check it out – that is one kitted out kitchen! πŸ™‚ I can't wait to it all finished!What are your floors made of, Daphne? I can't tell if they're painted wood or linoleum (or Marmoleum?) They look really nice. Leigh is one rockin' contractor! I'm against cloning, but in this instance… can we clone her?! πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a grueling day at the dentist, but at least you got it over with. Your place is coming along great! I would love to have a kitchen island, how fun!Have a wonderful holiday Daphne.

  3. I have a needle phobia so certain dentist appointments can be pretty tricky for me. I know at least some of where you're coming from.I'm so glad your appointment went ok, Daphne!

  4. Laloofah: yes it was brutal if not as painful as anticipated and the dentist was very kind, but I'm still sore two days later (from all the novocaine shots I'm sure) But yes, it is done and hopefully the installation of the real bridge won't be a big deal. My kitchen is definitely all kitted out and I too can't wait until it is finished; Leigh (who is one rockin' contractor for sure, but not cloneable–she is one of a kind) says I might get my pantry, cupboard, and oven soon. And yes, my floors are marmoleum, which I love! On January 7th the middle of the house will have the floors re-done (where all the walls were) in the red so I'll just have two colors for two rooms.Rose: Thanks and yes it was a grueling day and I'm still sore, but survived. I love my kitchen island! Happy Holidays to you as well!The Preacher's Kid: Thanks for stopping by and yes, needle phobia would have made my adventure even worse as I lost track of the number of novocaine shots I got. And for some reason, the Laughing Gas didn't seem to affect me much which was a bummer. But I survived and that is the main thing. Hope you stop by again.

  5. PS Laloofah: No I have never read that Robert Benchley book but maybe I'll have to look it up. Thanks!

  6. Happy Boxing Day, Daphne! :-)Cool!! I'd never personally known anyone else who had Marmoleum floors except my friend Robyn, who had it installed in her remodeled kitchen after seeing ours. We have Marmoleum Click Plank in Indian Summer in our sunroom, and Marmoleum sheet in Sahara in our laundry room. We love it too! We wanted to replace our upstairs carpeting with more Click Plank (in Shiitake), but the estimate was over $6000 and we just couldn't afford that, especially in a house we have no intention of staying in. But we're happy to have it in those two rooms and will definitely have it again in our next house!Bad news about Leigh not being cloneable. 😦 Are you sure? Have you taken her to a geneticist? ;-)I'd never read that Peter Benchley book either (the book I have with his Tooth essay in it is a book of essays by all different authors), but if you click on that link I provided, you can read not only his funny essay about going to the dentist but his entire book, thanks to Project Gutenberg.

  7. And Happy Boxing Day to you as well!! Yes, Marmoleum is wonderful but I can't believe the price to have your upstairs done, but then I don't know how big your upstairs is. My Marmoleum is the sheet and it is pricey, but my allergies don't allow me to have carpet, so there wasn't much of an option. However, I would have lived with painted floors if it weren't that I don't ever plan to move, so I see your point about not putting so much energy, money, etc. into somewhere you won't be in for forever. Lots of folks said at first when I started all my remodel that no one else would like what I was doing so it would make resale hard, and I just had to say that was not my worry. I'm going to have it the way I want it, the way I use it, and when I'm gone, my home is going to the Vashon Land Trust anyway and they can deal with it (my property backs onto a chunk of Land Trust property so I figure I'd just help them expand a bit as my thank you to a wonderful island that has so helped me to heal). Anyway, I'll check out the Peter Benchley essay, especially since my mouth is still hurting from Thursday's escapade. I'm not sure it that is normal so I shall call my dentist tomorrow if it is no better, but I really, really don't want to go to the dentist on my birthday! I'm supposed to have brunch with a friend and then my mermaid is being delivered! Have a great day!

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