Waking Up to Oobleck on a Sunday Morning and Other Ramblings

Is this Oobleck, Bartholomew?

I was struck by my Daily Dharma post today where it said that even if we live to be 100, and even if we live to that age with all our faculties in tact, nevertheless, the period of time we have to enjoy each other is quite limited.  The author recommends not fighting or looking at the faults of others, but rather appreciating their good qualities.  The post was specifically directed to family and friends, but I can’t help but feel that if we treated everyone in this way, there would be no wars, no poverty, no hunger, etc.

Why does the human species live so in fear?  Why do we find others threatening?  I’m sure I don’t know, but I do find it discouraging on some days.  I just have no idea how to combat it overall, and certainly my family is quite dysfunctional, but for me, I’m trying hard now at mending bridges because the Daily Dharma is right.  Life is way too short for bitterness.

What fun we are having!
I really do think it is Oobleck even if
it isn’t green!

I woke up this Sunday morning to find that insulation had fallen in the purple part of my new room, and that the pets had tracked it through into other areas of the house, so I started by cleaning that up, very glad that I’d observed Dillon’s technique for this procedure.  I really don’t think I’m a “blown-in” insulation type person.  I think to have that product one has to be more settled and not constantly remodeling and changing one’s mind.  On Tuesday a professional crew will show up to remove the insulation in both the purple and the orange areas, so that will be a blessing.  I actually am enjoying this as I can now see the construction of my home.  I really had very little idea what was above my ceilings, but I’m sure finding out now exactly what is there and it is quite fascinating.

So this is what was above my ceiling!  Fantastic!

Sasha slept on my other pillow again last night.  She does seem to enjoy having fewer walls and she now is exploring the entire house rather than staying put in the kitchen area.  I’m very glad that she is finding this to be a wonderful experience because I’m not sure if she will survive to the end of the remodel.  So the fact that she is enjoying the process is a big plus.

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