Facebook or How Many Ways Does One Person Need to Connect?

Ok I took the plunge and I am now also on Facebook (with a “badge” on the top of my blog).  I certainly don’t think that anyone needs to keep up with me on all of my sites:  my website (where I write a daily journal which is pretty much a diary of the day’s happenings), my blog (with its mostly more philosophical entries but there is occasional overlap), and now my Facebook page (which I have absolutely no idea what I will do with, but already it has put me in touch again with an old and dear friend).  I am nowhere near that fascinating, so pick what (if any) works for you.

As I’ve been excavating me to find the “real” me, if there is such a thing, I’m finding the courage to try lots of new things on a variety level–everything from body butter and shower gels (definitely keepers) through skirts and jewelry (ok, but not all the time, especially now that the weather has turned cold), to soy yogurt (which I really like after years of thinking it was icky thanks to my upbringing) to lots of other things as well.  I’m trying things out to see what really works for me and what doesn’t, and now my Facebook page is another such experiment.

I also realize that each of us has our preferred method for keeping in touch and one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so as I try to reach out and find my tribe (see the post from this morning), I figure I should try different avenues.  If any of you reading this are on Facebook and would like to join me there, feel free!  Right now I have one follower on my blog and one friend on Facebook, and I’m very happy with both.  My Facebook address is www.facebook.com/daphne.purpus.  It has been an adventurous afternoon and I’m now going to try to finish winding more yarn for another weaving project before calling it a day.

4 responses

  1. i love soy yogurt! and soy ice cream. i can't do dairy, so i have experimented with all kinds of substitutes.i followed you here from my blog, which i think i will close down. but maybe we can be facebook friends?

  2. I have always loved soy ice cream, especially one called Chocolate Obsession by Turtle Mountain. I too am allergic to dairy and I'm vegan as well, which means I don't really care about the allergy except people are sometimes more understanding if you say you are allergic rather than being "just" vegan which they think can be put aside at will. Go figure! Since I was raised to think that yogurt was bad since it contained "live" stuff, and since I didn't initially like it and so gave up on it, I've not had the benefits of yogurt most of my life. But when I tried soy yogurt I discovered all the old info was false and it is marvelous! And yes, I'd like to be facebook friends. Thanks for asking!

  3. I love soy yogurt too! We bought a yogurt maker a while back, and finally located a couple of sources of vegan yogurt starter, and after the holiday hubbub is over we plan to start making our own (there's only one place in our town that sells organic soy yogurt, only sometimes, only in one flavor, and for way too much $$!)I know what you mean about how some people are dismissive of veganism as a reason for choosing not to eat animals and their secretions, but will respect a food allergy! With time and understanding, I think (hope!) that will improve.I'm glad your Facebook experiment is already paying you dividends! I'm also glad you won't demand we follow all your online presences, because I'm struggling as it is to keep up with just your increasingly prolific blog! :-)Have fun on Facebook! (P.S. "I'm nowhere near that fascinating"… lol!)

  4. Laloofah: I am fast becoming addicted to soy yogurt, and remarkably (knowing my usual tastes) it is the plain I like the best (also has the highest protein level so that is good). I'm lucky that I can get it from my local buyer's club at a more reasonable price since I don't think I could do a yogurt maker, but I'll be interested to learn of your experiences with it. And no, you certainly don't need to follow me everywhere! Personally I like the blog better, and I'm not sure what to make of Facebook, but I figure I should try new things and I have found that some places I already follow, like Elephant Journal and Tiny Buddha, actually make it easier to comment and follow comments on Facebook, so that has been interesting.

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