A Wonderful Snow Day!

View from my living room window into the backyard

Hummingbird feeding–notice the ice is starting to form.

Living in the Pacific Northwest means that we don’t have (usually) really severe winter weather, at least not by the standards of much of the country, but currently we are experiencing below freezing temperatures (not the below zero that my Wyoming friend reports, thankfully!) and snow.  This type of weather causes more chaos here than in other places because we really aren’t well-equipped to handle it, so I’ve just canceled my activities for the next couple days until it gets above freezing.  Instead, I am staying inside, warm and snug, watching the beautiful scenery and also enjoying a lovely (and very fat) hummingbird feeding outside my living room window.  I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve posted here and if you want to see more, just check out my photo of the day page (see the link at the top of this page).

This was one hungry hummingbird as she stayed here
for about 10 minutes, allowing me great photo opportunities.

Meanwhile, I am really enjoying the respite from my usual routine.  Growing up in Southern California meant no snow days (although I did get one rain day when my grade school flooded!), so I’m happy to take some of my share of them now.  The dogs did not go to the groomers as planned (they’ll go next Wed. instead), and I’m not attending a 6yr. old’s birthday party (on a very steep and treacherous part of the island–that’s another thing that makes this weather hazardous is the number of steep inclines), and tomorrow I shall skip my Yoga lesson and my tutoring at Study Zone, since I have no intention of taking my car out of the garage until the weather gets above freezing, a luxury I never had during the 20 years I lived in the Midwest, but I’m enjoying it now.  I am also practicing giving myself permission to say no when it is in my best interest.  I shall spend my two snow days quilting and weaving.

Beautiful Hummingbird

2 responses

  1. How cozy! That view from your living room window is just magical, and in such contrast to how it looks in your summertime photos. It doesn't even look like the same place at all! The snow was really coming down when you snapped that photo… it's just gorgeous. So serene! Made me think of this…If only I could share it:The soft sound of snowFalling late at nightFrom the treesAt this old temple. -Hakuin Ekaku (1686-1768)Isn't that pretty? You kind of did share the soft sound of snow, I can practically hear the hush of it in your photo! :-)Good for you for giving yourself a couple of snuggly snow days! I loved being home today, but felt badly for BW having to work in these temps, and sorry for the critters, too. I had a bunch of deer following me around while I took care of Mocha tonight, so they got alfalfa hay and cookies too. 🙂 I have to venture out tomorrow to run a few errands, but you can bet I'll be getting my frosty butt home as quickly as possible! Is that an Anna's hummingbird? Rose (in Seattle) once told me she has Anna's hummingbirds year 'round. That would be so wonderful! Our hummers have hightailed it for points south by September, and don't return till May. But in spite of that, they often get caught in conditions like your sweet little friend there, and really go through the nectar! I'm glad your hummingbirds have you there to keep their bellies full in that cold!Enjoy your beautiful snow days!

  2. Thanks for sharing that wonderful poem! And yes, I believe it is an Anna's hummingbird although my bird identification skills aren't great. Well, it turns out I'll probably get three days off, but I'm not very snuggly at the moment as it is only 59 in my living room and I have only generator power. However, it was worse–it was 5 degrees colder earlier and I had no power at all, so I'm grateful for small favors. My hummingbirds are trying to thaw the feeder, but I don't think very successfully. Hope you are staying warm!

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