Remodel as a Metaphor

Living room chaos abounds but it will be lovely eventually.
New laundry area and a 1/2 bath and closet will go to the left.

I am once again (actually still) in remodel mode, but currently I’m in a major phase of that process.  In point of fact I’ve been remodeling for 2 years.  It started innocently enough with wanting a larger bathroom in my bedroom since the original one was the size of a postage stamp with a shower no bigger than a phone box and no windows, etc.  The first attempt at that remodel went horribly sour thanks to the total incompetence of the original construction guy.  I was, of course, upset to find that out, but as is true with much of life, that horrible remodel turned out well as it led me to my current fabulous contractor and my fantastic plumber!  So my remodel started in earnest and as I’ve written I believe in other blog posts, I found the joys of showering outside, beginning in February, 2009.  Since then, my bathroom has been completed, I have new decks and ramps, my kitchen counters were redone, etc., etc.  Some of that work is actually going to be done again as I really attack the inside of my home in earnest, but that’s ok with me as this is a learning process and a growing process.  In fact, I consider the remodel as a lovely metaphor with what I’ve been doing on a personal level to reclaim myself.

These walls, pink, brown, and green will be vanishing!

As some of you already know, I changed my name legally this past February to reflect who I really am, as I’m in the process of discovering, rather than who I was told I was or who I thought I had to be simply to survive.  I’m learning that who I really am is just fine, thank you, and I’m working at peeling off the layers and layers of outdated, incorrect information to reach the core of who I am.  As I do this, I am also recreating my home to reflect both my personality and how I use my home, so there is the bare minimum of a kitchen, for instance, since I don’t cook.  There are large countertops so I can lay out quilts.  The home will shortly become a 2 room home since that is how I live.  And so it goes.  There are lots of windows and soon hopefully more skylights since I am not an outdoors person but I love to look outside at my wonderful garden and I want to be able to see that from every possible location.

The purple and pink interior walls will go, and
the refrigerator will be left of the outside doors.

Chauncey and Poosa resting.  Notice the cones of yarn stored
underneath during the remodel chaos.

Even my bedroom has gotten stuff jammed in, but I’ve
tried to keep it as the sanest room in the house.

So currently, in this rather major point in the remodel, the middle of the house, which I didn’t actually use, is being emptied out and interior walls removed so that I can have more space for my rather space demanding pursuits of quilting (I have two machines each on 4’x4′ tables) and weaving (I have a Baby Wolf loom which takes up about 3’x4′ of space).

I shall keep my readers current on my progress, and I’ll be putting a link at the top of the page to link to even more photos of this fantastic remodel, if you are curious to see what this crazy Vashonite is up to!  I hope you enjoy following this escapade as much as I’m enjoying having it going on.  I think it must be related to my personality type (if you are interested and didn’t already read it, see my post on the Enneagram), but I am actually enjoying all this.  There is something new just about every day, whether it is a wall coming down or a newly functional laundry room (where I’m now happily doing my weekly laundry) or a wonderful door to my bedroom (which is pink and green since it is the old 1/2 bath’s door, and it is now between a blue room and a purple and orange room, so how much more fantastic could that be!) and so on it goes.  Of course it will be marvelous when it is all done, but I am also enjoying the process.  There will be more posts as things progress.  Have a great day!

The already congested living room is even more congested!
The pink wall to the left is going.  Sasha is watching.

2 responses

  1. Wow, exciting stuff! That's going to be quite a transformation, and I'll enjoy following your progress! Especially since, thanks in large part to your great contractor and plumber team, this will be a fun remodeling project. Love the sound of all the additional windows and skylights!I'm sure your personal metamorphosis inspires and supports the revamping of your sanctuary and vice versa. Sweet!

  2. Yes, I know that I'm different to begin with and lucky with my contractor in the second, but this phase of the remodel is my holiday gift to me and I'm finding it fun and fascinating.

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