Did the Spider Come Out to Play?

Some questions are obviously more profound than others, and I do seem to ask a lot of questions of varying degrees of both importance and answerability.  But as I was standing in my outdoor shower this morning I was struck by the fact that when I first get into the shower I am alone, sharing the space with no other life forms, but as my shower progresses, inevitably someone comes to keep me company.  Lately that someone has been of the spider variety, and there have been at least three different spiders involved.  Do they show up to play?  Do they like the companionship of chatting?  I’d think that the water might intimidate them or at least discourage them, but that does not seem to be the case at all.  Anyway, I do enjoy the company and I think it is marvelous that I can have such an experience each and every morning.  The last few mornings I’ve also had very talkative crows joining in the fun.  I can’t remember last winter well enough to know how much company I will get as the weather becomes colder, but time will tell!  In any case, I chose to think that the spiders and other critters like to share my shower time with me.  Have a great day!

5 responses

  1. First of all, the fact that you have an outdoor shower is just plain cool! I would love to have my morning shower with crows, spiders and other critters. What fun!

  2. Thanks, Rose, and yes my outside shower is way cool! I am definitely not much of an outdoors type but I love my morning shower. As is true with much of life, I sort of fell into it when my bathroom was under remodel and the only shower in the house was not available for at least a couple weeks (turned out as with all projects to be much longer, but by then it didn't matter). My wonderful contractor assured me that she and my plumber would rig me up a temporary shower outside. That was mid-February, 2009 and my response was less than ecstatic, but there weren't any other options. I took my first shower outside on Feb. 19th, 2009 and I've never looked back. My bathroom remodel is done, and the new shower looks fantastic, but it has never been used. The outside shower has been redone into a permanent and very nice rustic shower and that is where I've showered every morning since then. It is fantastic and very do-able in the PNW where it doesn't get as bitter cold as it does for say Laurie in Wyoming–I don't think I could have done if I lived there, but fortunately, here it is a lovely start to the day. Thanks for commenting on my blog and glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. ok, no clue why my photo didn't show on my previous comment. I'm trying again, not that I think my photo is so wonderful, but even I look better than a question mark, or so I'd like to think!

  4. Are they itsy bitsy spiders climbing up the water spout? 🙂 I knew Rose would love the idea of an outdoor shower! I'm afraid you're right, an outdoor shower would only be seasonal here (like our the one we had in Maine was – I think it was put there for washing off the sand and salt water from visits to the beach, but during the summer we used ours like you do, all the time!) Sure wish we had one here for the summer months, it would be perfect!I LOL'ed at your comment about your avatar photo vs. the question mark! 🙂 I noticed that your photo had disappeared from your comments and my followers list for a couple of days, then your new photo appeared. Blogger gremlins, I suppose! They've been nipping at my heels in a big way today!

  5. I've had several species of spiders, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what–just that they are different, and they seem to like building webs across the 'L' shaped enclosure using the shower head as a pivot point. No pipes for them to walk on (other than the shower head arm) but they like the cedar boards, which I'm sure they like even better now that they are purple 🙂 Yesterday I had to bring in all my shower gels and shampoos for a bit at least as we are to get lows below freezing over the next few nights, and in fact the weather icon on my desk seems to think we could get snow on Sunday and/or Monday. But I shall still use my shower–I'll just have to make my shower gel selection inside and take my things out in a bucket–not quite as "in the moment" but better than having frozen shower gel. Yes, must have been Blogger gremlins–I hadn't noticed my photo, since I don't always preview my comments, but the e-mail notices about comments came to me in duplicate for a few days. I guess that is just to teach us patience. Thanks so for your comments!

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