Kindle Additions and My Readings

I admit to being a fan of my Kindle since it allows me to have an entire library all in one small, lightweight device, and it is especially great when I am out and about and have time to read.  I can pick anything I’m in the mood for.  But now Amazon has added games to the materials which can be downloaded and I’ve found that I am now addicted to the game Every Word!  It meets all my criteria for goodness in a video game–no time limit, requires thinking, deciphering skills, has a finite number of levels (10) and allows progression to the next level as long as the longest word is found even if all the words are not discovered.  I’m having great fun playing it and so have done less reading.  However, not all books are available for Kindle and what I am reading now, slowly before I go to bed each night, is Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, which one of my followers recommended.  I am finding it to be excellent and very thought provoking.  I’ll comment more on it when I get further into it.  But for now, I do find it an interesting commentary on my interests that I’ve found video word games on a device meant for reading.  It remains to be seen if I’ll temper my game-playing with reading the many wonderful books which Athena (my Kindle’s name) has on her.

2 responses

  1. I love how you name your friendly, helpful devices! Charlotte and Athena… are there others? I only know two people who own Kindles and you're both vegans in the Pacific NW! Funny! :-)The Every Word game sounds intriguing! I've gone through manic computer Mahjong and newspaper crossword puzzle phases, so I understand how caught up you can get in a good game, and Every Word sounds great!I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying "Women Who Run with the Wolves" and am looking forward to your comments on it as you read further. I want to read it again, but have a stack from the library with yet another book on hold for me! ("Little Bee" keeps getting glommed onto before I can get my mitts on it!) My own personal library is getting neglected in favor of the county library lately! :-)Enjoy your gaming, reading, quilting and looming, they all sound like perfect activities on cold and rainy days!

  2. Yes, I do love to name things and yes there are more–my car, a VW 2001 red beetle (which now has 27,600 miles on her so I don't drive much) is Eglantine, my computer is Minerva McGonagall, my sewing machine is Galadriel and my quilting machine is Fiona. And of course, you already know about my loom and my kindle. Meanwhile, yes, my stack of books both in print and on Athena is growing faster than I can read, but at least I'm not wondering if I have something to read as fall settles in and winter approaches.

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