Mushrooms and More

Today is a day of newness as I am getting lots of new trees, mostly blue-green evergreens, which are my very favorite, planted.  My dear friend Kathy came down to my home to oversee it all and it is wonderful to get to visit with her.  As we were walking in my yard, I discovered the most glorious mushrooms and so I thought I’d share some photos of them.  This has been a great year for mushrooms out our way (Pacific Northwest), and certainly I have many varieties in various sizes and shapes in my yard.  I know nothing about mushrooms and certainly do not plan on trying to eat any of mine, but they are lovely to behold.

In addition to finding the mushrooms, I’m enjoying watching all my new plants and trees being added to my yard, and it is another reminder that yes, some things have to be removed when they die, but as sad as that was, to have to take down 5 trees, it also made room and light for new plants to come into my yard, which is exciting for me, gorgeous in the yard, and serendipitously provides much needed work and economic boosts to one of my favorite island businesses.  So the wheel of life turns and not all losses are without benefits.

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  1. A lovely post, Daphne, beautiful photos and so nicely written!Aren't new plantings exciting? I love it, and think there's not much more rewarding than planting a tree (veggies and flowers are right up there too!) You know, wherever there are mushrooms and toadstools there are bound to be Wee Folk! You seen any? 😉

  2. Thanks, and yes, I feel much better with the new plantings. Of course I have Wee Folk in my yard, but I just know that, as I haven't actually seen any, probably thanks to the dogs scaring them off. But they must be there because I can feel them!

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