Go With the Flow

It seems that life is determined that I learn to go with the flow and take one day at a time.  If the hassles of turning 65 in December and the switches required (I object to the required part!) to Medicare which does not recognize my doctor because she is a Naturopath, and trying to fight my way through that mess since I refuse to change doctors, if all that weren’t enough, and if it weren’t enough to deal with healing from cataract surgeries, coping with thyroid issues, etc., and other minor health issues along with usual stuff, like having my 12 year old cocker Chauncey in the vet today getting his teeth cleaned and a bump removed from his head, if all that weren’t enough, my friend Kathy just showed up with a crew to do something about my dead and dying fir and madrone trees, and now, all of a sudden, without warning, there will be major chaos here as two madrones and three fir trees are removed.  It will be chaos here today, and I just hate losing the trees even though I know they have to come down, and having everything happen so quickly with no advanced warning is also hard as I don’t go with the flow well and I don’t like change, but the weather is propitious and the crews are available, and waiting isn’t going to make it any better, so here we go!  At least it will be quieter with poor Chauncey off at the vet as he isn’t here to bark his head off.  Poosa doesn’t bark at people, so it all will be quieter, and I’m in and out today so I won’t be around for much of the destruction, and it will all sort if I just take one day at a time, take lots of deep breathes and just go with the flow!

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