Lessons Taught by Weaving

I’ve spent part of my afternoon weaving, as is evident from the above photo, and I learned again the lessons of patience and not overdoing.  I finished up the yarn in my bobbin and so needed to wind another.  The cone with the yarn was nearly empty, and I decided that finishing it all off in one winding would be a good plan.  The fuller the bobbin, the longer it would last, or so said my logical brain.  But in fact, the bobbin was overfilled, and then it became tangled, and so whatever time I would have saved by not having to wind as many bobbins was definitely lost when I had to untangle gobs of yarn.  More is not necessarily better.  In any case, I’m happy to be weaving and my new “Charlotte” works wonderfully well and she is definitely a better fit for my overcrowded living room.  I’ve posted a few more photos on my Photo of the Day page (see the link at the top of this blog) if you want to see the larger view of the room.

2 responses

  1. "Charlotte" looks like a very nice size, and what is that you're currently weaving? I LOVE the colors! Weaving looks like such fun, a very zen-like activity once you get into the rhythm of it. But threading the loom – not so much! And "the fuller the bobbin, the longer it will last" would have been exactly my thought process too! :-)I don't know how you can weave with so many members of your fuzzy fan club hovering over you, staring at your progress. Do they make comments and suggestions, or just watch silently? 🙂 They're so cute, I especially love the yellow duck! She seems eager for you to resume your project! Happy weaving!

  2. Yes, Charlotte is wonderful! Currently I'm making hand towels, obviously pink. I think there will be three or four once I'm done. Weaving is very zen like, even the threading of the loom, I was surprised to discover. And I love stuffed animals and as you have noticed, have them everywhere. Poosa, my new cocker, has had to learn which are hers and which are mine!

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