My Deer Sanctuary

Today is a lovely sunny day, most welcome after all our rain, and so after getting to watch a spider and a slug while showering in the sunshine, I decided it was a good day to pick up dog poop.  Aside from the obvious benefits found in this occupation, I was thrilled to discover, as I approached the ravine area in my backyard, a lovely doe and her fawn.  The dogs didn’t notice, so after getting them inside the house, I got my camera with telephoto lens and snapped some photos.  I’m posting my favorite here, but I posted all eight of them on my website photo of the day page, the link to which is at the top of this page for those who might enjoy more photos.  This certainly was a magnificent reward for doing a necessary chore!

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  1. They're so beautiful, don't you just adore them? They look like mule deer. We mostly have white tail up here, and they follow us around while we do "poop patrols" because they know we're likely to have alfalfa treats in our pockets! (They're the only trick-or-treaters we get, but they don't limit their trick-or-treating to Halloween!) ;-)I love that photo with the pretty fall colors in the foreground, against all that green. Just lovely! Am off to view the rest of your sweet deer photos. And hopefully get a little bit caught up with you this week! Too much on my plate lately, though much of it is fun! Happy Halloween, Daphne!

  2. Yes, I love the deer (not sure what kind, but their tails have white underneath) and so that's why I've made the ravine portion of my land into a sanctuary for them–not that they needed me, but I didn't like to think of them having to fight their way through blackberries etc. Wish I could get close enough to give them alfalfa treats, but at least I have them for occasional glimpses. Hope you liked the other photos–took forever to get them to upload onto my website, but finally they got there! Happy Halloween!

  3. Hi, Daphne!The deer photos weren't up when I checked yesterday, just their captions were, with your older photos (of your dogs, house, quilts etc) above them! Definitely the work of Halloween goblins, because everything is there and in its right place now! :-)It's great that you've created a sanctuary for the deer. That's what we've tried to do here, too. It took a lot of years for some of the deer to be tame enough to take treats from us, but we've lived here 18 years and watched generation after generation of the clan grow up, so they're used to us. Plus we have a couple of vegan animal loving neighbors who also have created deer sanctuaries and hand out treats sometimes. :-)I have quite a few deer photos scattered among all my older posts. Here's one from last December you might enjoy! And if you've never seen the incredible Deer in the Yard web site, feast your eyes and soul. Their photos are amazing, and so are they. There sure are some good people out there! BW was offered the day off today about a half hour before leaving for work and he took it! We've made good use of it so far, taking the dogs on a good hike (beautiful day here!), and getting the first coat of paint on our bay window trim. As soon as the second coat is up, we can get the living room walls painted – hopefully this weekend – and when that's dry, put up all the new ceiling and baseboard molding. It should be quite a transformation! Can't wait till it's done.Happy November, Daphne! Kisses to your deer friends from their Wyoming cousins and new human friends! 🙂

  4. Yes, wasn't that weird to have captions with older photos! I'm not sure what was going on, but glad it finally sorted. I envy you your closer contact with the deer–and 18 years in one place! I've never had that and not sure I'll get it this late in life. I've been on Vashon now for 4 yrs and don't plan ever to leave. I loved your older posts with deer–I found several, and no I've never seen Deer in the Yard–really remarkable. When you said you were remodeling, you weren't kidding! I'd love to see photos. My major remodel is done, at least until I come up with some other weird notions. I do think I shall try for some skylights, but Leigh, my way cool contractor, says I'll have to wait till spring now for that and I know she is right. Still, my home is definitely mine and as I discover more of who I am, the home changes to reflect that, so we are both works in progress. But nice that BW got the day off–and I am glad to know that Wyoming has at least two vegan families. What ever brought you to Wyoming? Strange where life takes us, isn't it. Happy November to you as well and love to your critters as well from all of us here on Vashon!

  5. Hey, Daphne!We saw some mule deer in town last evening and I thought of you and your sweet friends! :-)It also just occurred to me (I'm a bit slow on the uptake at times) that you've been posting photos on your blog! Yay!

  6. Deer are always a treat to spot! Having lived in cities/suburbs most of my life, I just never tire of seeing wildlife! And yes, I'm trying to put more photos on my blog. I'm not exactly sure what separates my blog from my website, and maybe it doesn't even matter and will evolve in time, but the lovely part of the blog is that I can get comments! I really appreciate all yours! Many thanks!

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