I Heard A Pinecone Fall!

I’ve written before about the joys of my outside shower, but this morning was another idyllic moment.  My friends have commented that they can understand showering outside on lovely summer days, but that winter would be another thing!  Well, this morning it was 45 degrees, with both rain and strong winds and it was quite wonderful.  I was out in my hot shower surrounded by rain, watching the majestic fir trees swaying when I heard a pinecone fall!  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that before–I am definitely not an outdoors type, so my pleasure in showering outside is amazing.  It was just a miraculous moment!  Then I saw several small birds flying upwind from branch to branch and that was wonderful as well.  I did my yoga tree pose in the shower, standing still and tall and I hope very tree-like, but not swaying as the actual trees were doing as I figured that wouldn’t be too safe!  And I wiped pine needles off my shower gel before opening it.  All in all, it was a fantastic way to start my day and my week.

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  1. Your early morning shower in the the cold, windy rain sounds very energizing! I'd love that (as long as the water was good and hot, and the warm house wasn't far away!) :-)You know what image popped into my head as I read this? Those monkeys in Japan that love to sit in the natural hot springs with snow falling all around (and on) them! 🙂 They too are surrounded by majestic fir trees and seem to really love the contrast between the hot water and the cold air. I love your description of the experience, and that you so enjoy using that outdoor shower all year long.

  2. Yes, the shower is awesome and right outside my bedroom door, so wrapping up in a thick terry cloth bathrobe works really well. I don't even have bath towels anymore–I just use the bathrobe. And thanks for the image of the monkeys in the hot springs as that is just perfect! I've used the shower every single day since 2/19/09 when it was just a cobbled together set up to work during my remodel and I so loved it immediately that now it is redone in splendid purple with a great shower head, etc. Last winter was pretty mild–we'll see what this winter brings. Two winters ago we had so much snow that I had to shovel paths for the dogs–not sure what that would be like to trudge through for a shower, but I guarantee I will give it my all should that happen.

  3. Your photo at the top of the page looks great!! So colorful and fun!Your name should be Daphne Purple! 🙂 You do love that color, don't you? It's one of my two favorite colors, the other being green. Sage green and forest green, with teal close behind! And I love those green colors WITH purple. Trudging through the snow to your outdoor shower sounds downright Scandanavian! I hope you'll get a chance to do it at least once this winter, just to see how it goes and for the adventure of it!

  4. Thanks! Even in my dazed, one-eyed state I managed to get the photo up and I do think it is nice. And yes, I love purple, along with all the colors of the rainbow and green and purple look great together. I too hope to be able to try the outdoor shower in real snow, but not just yet–I'm not really ready for winter yet!

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