Spider Web

As I was looking out my window this morning I was captivated by a lovely spider web!  What skill it must take to make such a thing of beauty!  I actually then noticed three more in my yard, but they weren’t in good spots to be photographed.  However I did manage to get a couple nice shots of the first one I saw and I’ve posted those photos on my photo of the day page.  As I was thinking about this lovely start to my day I also pondered a post from dailycupoftao where the author states: The most advanced alien life, say a dolphin, lion, garden shrub, bacteria, fly, rat; all are actually as well advanced as every other. Only the human, feeling advanced with its tools, is in folly due to the wish to explain itself, where every other just is. I thought just how true that is and that the beauty of the spider is that the spider is just being, not trying to explain anything, not figuring that it is somehow better than every other species on the planet, not doing anything to justify itself.  The spider just is and how wondrous that is!

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  1. Good morning!I love the quote you shared, and really like the second spider web photo especially. Beautiful! I spent some time looking through all of your "photos of the day," which was fun. An outdoor shower, how fun is that? We had one when I lived in Maine, and we loved to use it in the summer. Showering under a starry night sky is just sweet. Less sweet was being swarmed by mosquitos the second the water was turned off, though! Do you have skeeters on Vashon?The new quilt on your bed is so pretty, I just love those colors! And of course, it goes without saying that your furbabies are adorable. 🙂

  2. Glad you liked my photos! And yes, the outside shower is magnificent! I started using in on 2/19/09 because my inside shower was being remodeled, but after the first shower I was hooked, and now that is all I use, each and every morning since then. We have mosquitos, but not the way the rest of the world does and generally they aren't a problem. I've showered in the rain, in the snow, in the dark, in the wind, in the moonlight, and in the sun. I love it! Of course it doesn't get as cold as it does your way in the winter, so I can do this year round.

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