Trials of Living Alone

I live alone (well, with 2 dogs and 3 cats, so not really) and there are times when I can get myself into trouble trying to do something by myself because I don’t have a large support group in the first place, since I’m relatively new to the island, and because I don’t ask for help easily–I give it, but don’t necessarily receive it well.  Anyway, that is one reason why I’ve been so very grateful to my friend Blythe for her most generous offer to take me to my cataract surgeries.  The first surgery went along just fine and we were scheduled to do it again next Tuesday.  However, Blythe’s husband was just diagnosed with lung cancer and he has to have a biopsy next Tuesday.  Obviously she’s had to cancel as my ride and now I’m left to find another way to my surgery.  I’m sure it will all work out just fine and I do have some options to pursue, but it certainly reminds me of the issues of living alone with no family close by.  I know that the longer I live on Vashon the more family I will make for myself, but I have to admit it can be scary.  However, as I was writing this blog post, my friend Blythe called and it seems her husband’s biopsy has been postponed until Wednesday because he’s on blood thinner, and she is actually eager to take me on Tuesday after all, so everything is back to normal, or as normal as things can be.  And I am very grateful to have such a good friend, and I shall keep her and her husband in my thoughts as they proceed on their paths.

2 responses

  1. Wow, Blythe is a good friend indeed! I'm glad she'll be able to take you to your surgery appointment, and I'm sure getting to do this for you will be good for her, too. I sure hope her husband receives a good prognosis, and I too will be keeping them both in my thoughts. And I'll be sending you good thoughts on Tuesday!

  2. Yes, I'm very, very lucky to have a friend in Blythe. We are very different, and have really different ideas on the world, but she is a caring person and seems to enjoy my radical perspectives even if we don't always agree. I'll let her know you are thinking of her and her husband also and thanks for your good thoughts on my upcoming cataract surgery, which should be less nerve-wracking and easier than the first time as I've been through it now but still, they are messing with an eye! Have a great day!

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