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Ok, I am really new to blogging and I can’t figure out how to reply to a comment to one of my posts.   So I’m going to do my reply as a new post–lame, I know, but if any of my readers can help me, I’d appreciate it.  I’ve searched Blogger help, but it doesn’t seem to answer my queries.  Anyway, thanks, Laloofah!  I used to live in Arizona, and in fact became Vegan soon after moving there and that was difficult enough.  But then I also realized I am gay and then was nearly run off the road by a homophobic driver shouting obscenities, and that was that–I moved to the Seattle area, eventually landing on Vashon, where I could have solitude among like-minded people.  I have heard of, but not yet read Estes book, but I’ll sure do so now.  Thanks so for being my first follower and also my first interactive comment as well!  I’ve found your blog also and while so far I’m new enough to blogging not to have figured out followers, I plan to follow yours!  I’m sure your friend is a much more accomplished quilter than I if she’s won awards, but mine (and I’ve only been quilting for just over 1 1/2 yrs) are fun, fanciful, and designed as portable hugs.  It is very rewarding–a way to give to the community, but work solo in the comfort of my own home.  Thanks for finding my blog and a hi back to you!

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  1. Hi, Daphne!I'm tempted not to tell you how to reply to a comment, because it's fun to actually get a post all for myself! 🙂 But you'll figure it out soon enough without my help, so… to reply to a comment you just post a comment yourself. (A few blog sites actually allow you to reply to individual comments – so your reply shows up indented beneath the comment – but not Blogger).My friend Jo has been quilting for decades now. I'll have to ask her how long exactly, but I knew her in college and I think she was quilting by then (we graduated in 1984). She's very, very talented, and hopes to be a quilt show judge some day! She'd be really good at it. Do you plan to post any photos of your portable hug quilts? They sound wonderful! Bet you have lots of cozy days for quilting right around the corner! I'm glad you found such a good place for yourself. I wish we could just live wherever we wished, but I it seems most people are getting less tolerant, more divided, more afraid (of what, exactly, I'm not sure) and even just plain meaner. So it's good to be in a community where you can feel safe and accepted at the very least, and preferably welcomed and embraced. Sounds like you found such a place for yourself for sure, and that the good folk of Vachon are as lucky to have you as you are to have them! Thank you for your reply post, and for following my blog! It's nice to have you there! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the help and yes, it was a browser conflict–Firefox and Blogger don't work well together, so I'm back with Safari! But I did want to be sure you knew how much I appreciated your comments! Meanwhile, I also have a website ( and on that site I have now two photo pages of my quilts, the most current being I definitely agree that people seem to be getting less tolerant and more fear driven and I definitely find that very disquieting.

  3. Daphne, thanks for sharing your website with me! So far I've enjoyed your critter photos, first page of quilt photos, and your house photos (inside and out). Your photos are such fun! Your dogs and cats look mighty happy (why wouldn't they?!), and I love their names (especially Poosa and Laoise!) I love your beautiful yard, especially your pond and fountain (are there two ponds?), your quilts are so bright and cheerful, and so is your house! It looks whimsical and joyful and creative, and an all around wonderful place to be. It's a busy week here, but I'm looking forward to looking at the rest of your photos soon!(And I find all that gunky stuff disquieting too – to say the least!)

  4. Glad you like my website. I should try to figure out a way to incorporate it, or part of it anyway, in my blog, but so far, I'm not that knowledgeable. Yes, there are two ponds, one in the front and one in the back, and I've been working on redoing my home to reflect me–no stove in the kitchen since I don't cook (I have a friend whom I've hired to do that and cope with being both vegan and gluten-free), but an enormous kitchen countertop for laying out quilts, etc. I've been in remodel mode for over 1 1/2 years, but it is a work in progress. Thanks for your comments! My week is also busy, but I'm hoping to read more on your blog soon–it is such a beautiful blog!

  5. Hi, Daphne,If you'd like to incorporate your web site into your blog by adding a link to it on your profile page, just click on the "Edit Profile" button there, and about halfway down the edit profile page, under the heading "General," you'll see "Homepage URL" and you can type it in that window. If you ever want to put some of your photos in your blog posts, just holler and I'll be happy to help. (laloofah at mac dot com if you would rather ask via email than have me garping up your comments.) :-)That is so interesting about how you've turned your kitchen into more of a sewing area/workshop! How nice that you were able to hire your friend to cook gluten-free vegan meals for you! I have a blogging friend in Maine who is vegan and gluten-free, and her blog, Mitten Machen, is devoted mostly to sharing her recipes. She even has a cooking column in a lifestyle magazine. I thought I'd share her blog in case you want to pass it along to your personal chef friend for recipe ideas.We've been in remodel mode for 18 years! I think it never stops. As I recall, you have a post titled "One Thing Leads to Another," which sums up our remodeling/home improvement experience! 😉 Thank you for your compliment about my blog! I love working on it and so enjoy the visits and comments from people!

  6. Thanks for the help! Actually I have my website in my profile, along with my e-mail and it took me awhile to find it, but if you click on extended profile and then look over to the left there is a spot that says contact me and both my e-mail and my website. I'd really like it to be more prominent, but haven't figured that out. And yes, I do want to know how to do photos in my blog posts. If it is easy and convenient, you could e-mail me ( or post a comment, whichever you prefer. I'll let my friend swaneagle know about Mitten Machen–thanks!

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