Perfection and Failure

As I was reading through my favorite blog posts on Google reader, I was really struck by one from Tao Wow where the author discusses perfection and failure and then suggests the following meditation: 
I will not always be right, often I will be wrong.
I will not always do things well, often I will mess up.
But it is true that I will not always get things wrong,
and things will work out just right.
When I am truly honest I see that I have no control either way; I could only have done what I’d done, I will only ever do whatever it is I will do, I can only do right now what it is I’m doing.

Want life to be different? It can’t be. It is this.

That is why: “You can not change the world, you can only change your attitude towards it.”
I thought this was really an important meditation for me to remember.  I tend to have real issues with beating myself up when I don’t get things right, and of course, perfectionism only leads to failure as we can never be perfect.  I would add that being perfect would end up being boring even it it were achievable.  So I shall try to remember this meditation and realize its truth, especially the line, I could only have done what I’d done!

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