One Thing Leads to Another

One of my favorite blogs,, posted a list of the author’s favorite sites and so I checked them out.  One of the suggested sites was, which I was pleased to read.  As I perused the site, I came across a posting of Mary Oliver’s Poem Wild Geese, a poem which I hadn’t read in awhile, but which really resonates with me.  If you haven’t read it (or Mary Oliver’s other works), I can highly recommend it and the direct link to the posting on AncienTrails is: Wild Geese.  With the arrival of fall and the migration of the geese, this is an especially good time for me to keep this poem and its message within my heart.  I now have my collection of Mary Oliver’s poems (New and Selected Poems, Volume One) by my recliner so that I can dip into it often!  So thank you Rambling Taoist, for not only leading me to some cool websites, but also, via one of those links, to get me back in touch with myself through Mary Oliver’s beautiful poetry.  One thing really does just lead to another!

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