Fixing Things–To Do or Not To Do

Well, today I thought, when I got up, that I’d be going off island to Pacific Cataract to get the secondary cataract in my left eye zapped with a laser.  Instead, the doctor called me and explained that since I had no symptoms accompanying the cataract and since my vision in the left eye is now much better than what they predicted, she would recommend waiting.  The cloudiness is there, but it isn’t interfering with my daily life, and it would be better to get the right eye taken care of and then wait to see if the crescent glare I’m getting in the left eye occasionally goes away or worsens.  They have no problem working on problems which are causing symptoms, but without symptoms, their policy is to do nothing.  So I now have a free afternoon, and since I’m not feeling terribly perky I plan to spend it quietly at home quilting, rather than going to Study Zone after all.  I’ve already canceled that, so I’m going to rest instead.

But the phone call with the eye doctor got me thinking about an earlier post of mine inspired by one of the blogs I follow on whether life needs fixing in the first place or whether we actually muddle things up by trying to fix what doesn’t need fixing.  I think this is a tough lesson for many of us.  I know it is for me.  If I see something I perceive as wrong or out of sync or whatever, I charge in like a bull in a china shop with various remedies, remedies which may or may not be appropriate, remedies which may or may not do any good and which in fact might make things worse.

And so, I’ll take this lesson from my eye to say that just because I know there is cloudiness in a given situation, that doesn’t instantly say that it is something in need of fixing.  I am exceedingly grateful for my improved vision, for the miraculous change in my left eye.  I shall look forward to similar improvements in the right eye after that cataract is removed.  And then I shall go forth, knowing that the secondary cataract can be addressed easily if it grows to the point of causing vision issues.  I shall attempt to remember that I don’t need to rush in and rescue things which may be functioning just fine as they are.

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