Spider in the Shower Poof

Today I shared my shower with a spider in an up close and personal sort of moment.  As I lifted my orange scruffy shower gel poof off its hook and prepared to squeeze my Tea Tree shower gel onto it (one of my favorite flavors, by the way), I noticed something dark and when I carefully worked through the layers of the poof I found a lovely spider!  I set her free, glad that she and I hadn’t shared more closely!  I then noticed her web going from the top of one of my L shaped walls to the top of my shower head and then over to the other corner.  This was just another example of how lovely it is to shower outside in nature with various critters to help me start my day.  It was definitely cooler this morning–44 degrees, and I noticed that the shower gel was thicker and slower to move, so fall it here for certain, but after a very, very wet rainy weekend, it is now sunny and beautiful!

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