Right after I posted my last post I read on one of my regular blogs ( that the way to fix the world is just to be the “peace you wish to see.”  The author goes on to say that “

‘Seeing the world as imperfect and requiring a fix is precisely the same attitude that lead (sic) others before us to screw the world up. Realize it as perfect and not something that can be shaped by human desire and melt back this very instant to that very perfection you desire in the future.’”  I know that seeing myself as someone who needs to be fixed is neither true nor helpful.  I am just fine, just as I am, in my totality.  I suppose the author of the blog is saying the same may be said of the world, and by being what I wish to see I’ve done all that is necessary, but there are times when I get so upset with the apparent injustices of the world.  I have a friend who just sent me an e-mail saying that she was heading out to Vashon Highway to do a silent vigil protest armed with a large sign, her drum, and her dog.  She is a political activist and she does a lot of silent protests and I applaud her efforts.  But part of me wonders just how effective any of our “fixings” are and if the blog writer is right that it is all the fixings that in the end mess things up.  If I could really see the world (or even myself) as perfect and not something that can be or needs to be shaped by my human desires I suspect I would have learned a great deal.  And so I’ll think on that as I move forward with my day.

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