Morning Routine

I’m searching for just the right morning routine, one which will enable me to get done what needs to be done without making me crazy or forcing me to rush.  All of this requires balance, and as with all balancing, that can be tricky.  Today I’m told (correctly, I hope) that a Century Link repair person will be here to see what’s up with my internet connection.  I requested morning, and the person on the phone was unclear just how early that might be–he knew morning meant before noon, but he wasn’t sure whether it meant 8AM or 9AM!  So I set my alarm for 5AM as this is Saturday which means that in addition to my usual morning routine of yoga and my own shower, I also had Chauncey’s weekly bath to do, which needed to happen before my yoga and my shower.  That meant that Chauncey (and Poosa, who doesn’t like being left out of anything although she has no interest in the shower and she had to find shelter since it was lightly raining) and I were outside in the relative dark at 5:45AM getting him bathed!  It actually was much nicer than I anticipated–almost zen like in the peacefulness and stillness of the moment.  Now that I’m feeling better I’m thinking of returning to the 5AM start to the day as I had a very lovely beginning to my day and I was totally ready for the repair person by 8AM with no problems at all.  Of course, the repair person still hasn’t arrived, but nevertheless, I’ve had a wonderful beginning to my day and that is worth a lot!  As with all aspects of life, it is a question of finding the right proportions, the right balance between routine and flexibility.  Most of my life has been so rigidly structured, that now, as I’m finding myself, I’m discovering that I resent being pushed or forced to move or do things in a set order or at a fast pace, even when I’ve set up the schedule myself to enable me to do what I want.  Old patterns are so easy to trigger.  Therefore, I’m now looking more carefully at what actually works for me (which in itself can be difficult to discern!), and I’m also being as flexible as I can in discovering alternate options.  I’m not sure where my morning routine will settle or in fact if it even will settle into one pattern or if it will vary from day to day.  It will be an adventure to discover my balance in this as in other areas of my life.  Namaste!

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