Clarissa’s Lesson Plan

Clarissa now has 9 dragons enrolled in her school and all is going very nicely indeed.  She’s spent a lot of time mulling over lesson plans and trying to figure out just what has gone wrong with education.  Her students are all bright, but they have seen education as a burden, not a joy.  Clarissa is working hard to change that so her students discover how wonderful learning can be, that it is not (or should not be) irksome, boring, or in fact even difficult.  She devises schemes to keep each student engaged and to build their confidence levels so that they realize they can learn even the trickiest subject if they come at it from an angle that makes sense to them.  That angle, of course, is not the same for everyone, which is why Clarissa has tailored her lesson plans to each of her students.  This morning in her shower Clarissa was thrilled to see a soap bubble float up from her scruffy filled with Dewberry shower gel.  As she watched the bubble float beautifully away, shimmering in the early morning daylight, she realized that this would be a fun way to teach some physics, covering topics from viscosity through optics!  And then maybe she’d even move into an art lesson from there!  The day, like the soap bubble, was radiant with possibilities!

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