What is Meditation?

I’ve been attempting to do sitting meditation for 8 1/2 weeks now, and in spite of all the encouragement in the lovely book 8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life by Victor N. Davich, I’ve not really managed it terribly successfully.  I’ve been sitting for 15 minutes/day every morning, following the directions in the book, trying not to be distracted by my pets, and then afterwords trying to cram in a few yoga poses in the limited time I had left.  For awhile I was getting up at 5AM so I could have more time to accomplish all this as well as the household chores, but that didn’t allow me enough sleep, so I’ve had to rethink that.  This morning was especially stressful, and I realized that isn’t what meditation is supposed to be.  I mentioned this all to my therapist and she let me know that there are lots of different types of meditation, and that sitting meditation isn’t right for everyone.  She reminded me how much I enjoy my yoga, and that when done correctly, yoga is meditation, focusing the mind on my poses and my breathe.  This was very freeing to discover, and so starting tomorrow I shall set my cool pyramid timer for 20 minutes and spend that time doing my yoga, focusing and concentrating on my breathe and my poses.  The pets are not such a distraction then as they have learned (yes, even Poosa) that they can be close as long as they are not on my mat, and I don’t notice whether they snort or sneeze or whatever when I’m doing my yoga.  So this is my plan, to be present with my yoga for 20 minutes each morning.  And by the way, thanks to the reader who posted a comment on my post entitled Balance, where s/he mentioned a website with a great video on Eagle Pose (http://www.planetyoga.com/yoga-blogs/free-yoga-video-garudasana-eagle-pose/).  Feel free to check it out and meanwhile, thanks, reader, for the comment.  Have a great day!

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