I’ve been thinking a lot about vision lately thanks to my cataract surgery.  Life is certainly different when it cannot be seen clearly, but then I thought about more than just the physical concept of vision.  Certainly, my having to use three different pairs of cheap glasses just to get by and still not having anything like clear easy sharp vision is most trying.  However, it is also thankfully temporary.  Once my eye has healed, about 1 month from now, I will have significantly better vision than before.  But what about my outlook on life.  How clear is my vision concerning what’s really important?  People frequently say that they have 20/20 hindsight, but how true is that?  I know that even with events I thought I recalled “accurately” that I’ve discovered over time that not only does my view of them change, but others who participated in the same events usually remember them very differently.  Once again, it is important to remember that my reality is determined by my belief system and as the belief system changes, so does the reality.  At the same time, while I might be able to delude myself about the past, it is obvious that my vision of the future is definitely fuzzy, hazy, cloudy, unclear.  While it definitely makes no sense to drive (as I did briefly yesterday) in a blur, guiding  the car between the yellow and white lines, the truth is that the future path does not have even that clarity.  How should I deal with that?  Well, what I ought to have done with the driving was stay put until my vision allowed for safe driving, and in reality, that is what I need to do with the future as well.  If I can keep my focus on the present moment I will have all the vision I need!  Therefore, I plan to use this time of transitional vision as a reminder to Be Present!

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