Off to See the Wizard!

Well, I’m just about ready to head out to my cataract surgery.  My friend Blythe will be here in about 15 minutes and then the adventure begins.  I did discover that it is significantly darker at 5AM, when I showered this morning, than it is at 6AM.  However, I showered under a panoply of stars with the moon peeking through the trees and that was pretty fantastic!  It has been ages since I’ve seen the stars since until recently, I both went to bed and got up during daylight hours.  Anyway, today I will get my questions about the surgery answered, have the surgery, and return home.  I shall post again when I’m able to let folks know how it all went, but I’m sure it will be great.  Just being able to see out of my left eye will seem like a true miracle.  Have a great day!

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