Clarissa’s Dream

Clarissa had a wonderful dream in which a goddess dragon spoke to her and said that she would grant Clarissa anything she wanted, she would change Clarissa’s life instantly into whatever Clarissa chose.  Wow!  Clarissa was overwhelmed with having a goddess speak to her and the thought of having her wishes fulfilled seemed at first to be perfect.  But then Clarissa remembered the Buddha saying that it is better to journey well than to arrive.  And she thought about all she had learned and how much she had grown, especially since she’d moved to her mountain.  Clarissa quickly realized that even though she wasn’t the most patient of dragons and she really liked overnight deliveries, etc. that nevertheless the journey was more important than the destination.  So Clarissa thanked the goddess dragon very carefully and tactfully, explaining that she thought her life was working just fine overall now and that she might miss out on some of the lessons she needed to learn if she just jumped ahead.  She also has realized that what she thinks she wants isn’t necessarily what she really wants and it takes time to learn that as well.  The old adage be careful what you wish for is very apt.  But Clarissa also hated turning down such a generous offer and so she also plucked up her courage and asked the goddess if this was a one time offer only or if there was a way to contact the goddess later on if she changed her mind.  The goddess dragon smiled and told Clarissa that she lived in Clarissa’s heart and soul, that Clarissa had always had the power to access her and always would.  Clarissa just needed to listen to her heart and she could call on the goddess at any time.  The goddess added that Clarissa’s choice was already one she had made from her own heart and that it was a very good choice indeed.  Clarissa realized the truth of the goddess’s words and held them in her heart.

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