Thoughts Generated by a post from The Soul Sanctuary

The stronger the belief you possess,
the more you waste your energy to keep it intact;
and the more you are blinded from what is.

The less you cling to one,
the more carefree you become;
the more wonders you can discover from life.

Have none;
only Bliss remains.
I just read this post as I sip my first cup of tea (Farmer’s Choice Oolong), and it certainly resonated with me so I thought I’d share it.  It is from one of my favorite blogs: The Soul Sanctuary.  It struck me that we tend to hold tightest to our beliefs when we are living in fear.  At least this has been the case for me–whenever I’ve been terrified of something happening or more often someone I love being hurt, I would hold rigidly to beliefs which in the end were either irrelevant, wrong, or even hurtful.  I’ve lived most of my life in fear, as is true for much of our culture, and the news is full of horrible stories of those who cling radically to their beliefs–clinging to the notion that they have the “right” answer, the “real truth” and anyone disagreeing with them needs to be eliminated/changed, etc.  But as the writer of this powerful post states, the less we cling to a belief or beliefs, the more wonders we can discover from life.  So I shall go through this day with an open heart, open to whatever possibilities come my way, beginning with my meditation and yoga and a lovely shower in the rain and heavy fog!  What could be better than that?

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