Life’s Short: Show Kindness

I just went out to the street to pick up my mail and my neighbor was out also doing the same.  I waved as we were both waiting to cross the street again, and he only glared.  I understand that for whatever reason I may not be top’s on his favorites list, but I don’t see why we can’t show some common courtesy and kindness to each other anyway.  Life is way too short for grudges, etc.  None of us has any guarantees for tomorrow (or even later today), and I personally don’t want to leave this existence being mad at anyone.  I know my therapist is correct that these situations say everything about the other person and nothing about me, but it is still hard to know that kind of animosity resides right next door to me.  However, my neighbors on the other side are super nice, and so is the neighbor on the other side of this unpleasant one, so I shall focus on that.  Still, I may be naive, but I do think all of us need to concentrate on finding ways to get along with each other.  Life’s way too short and a little kindness goes a long way toward making it more pleasant for everyone.

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