It seems to me that many of the problems we experience in this world, not to mention the whole issue of wars and warfare, stem from the prevalent black and white thinking that pervades most of our thinking.  Of all my beliefs which I’ve had to rethink as I restructure my reality, the hardest to overcome as been my pattern of black and white thinking.  I can either do this or that.  I can be this or that.  Life will be this or that.  In actuality, there is very little either/or in this wonderful world of ours.  Looking at the yin/yang symbol will illustrate this as there is a dot of yang in the yin and a dot of yin in the yang and they meet in a curve and they form a complete circle.  Neither exists without the other.  In essence, there is only being and that is a unity.  This unity encompasses everything in the universe and we are all connected in this unity.  Therefore, I’m working at seeing the myriad possibilities in my world and not limiting myself by some sort of dual thinking.  It is definitely challenging, but the rewards are also myriad!  May your day be full of glorious possibilities!

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