Yesterday’s activities have provided me with insight into the notion of community and our oneness or connectedness.  Lily Tomlin once said, “Remember, we’re all in this alone,” and at some levels this might be true.  Certainly each of us needs to find our own path, but in a larger sense, we are all just aspects of one larger all encompassing life and what each of us does affects in very real ways the world around us.  The Dao is in each of us and flows from through and around us.  Yesterday I was privileged to get a glimpse of this from two different angles.  First was my visit to Vashon Allied Arts where I met with Wendy to discuss my funding of scholarships for families needing assistance for their kids in taking art/music/dance classes.  I was overwhelmed with the love in a couple applications where single moms were clearly supporting their children as the children searched and grew, helping the children to follow their dreams.  It is a real joy to think that in some small way I am able to make a difference for these families and support the moms in doing what they need on their path.

The flip side, so to speak, of this occurred a few hours later when I finally got the courage to schedule my cataract surgery.  My friend Blythe had been very gently and kindly and infrequently encouraging in me to take this step.  Unlike some of my past methods, she didn’t nag at me or beat me up or pressure me in any way.  She just very quietly shared her own experiences and then because she knows that just leaving the island is a big deal for me and that I would need physical transport as well as friendly support, she offered to take me when I was finally ready.  Yesterday was the day to take the first step and as soon as I scheduled my appointment, I called her.  Her response was instant and genuine!  She’d do it, what was the date?  I have no idea what changes she needed to make to her calendar, but there was no hesitation at all.  She went further by saying she’d do all the research about ferry times, what time we needed to be in line to insure we make the required ferry (we’ll be taking the south end ferry which is very small), and then let me know what time she’d be picking me up.  I was overwhelmed by her response, and deeply moved.  It meant at least as much if not more than what I was able to do for the families wanting art/music/dance lessons.

So it seems to me that every day offers the possibilities for either more connectivity or less.  My goal now is to go through each day with an open and receptive heart, looking for opportunities to make the day go more smoothly for not only me, but those I come in contact with.  I have a poster with a quote from Aesop that says “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” and I think that fits in really well with my philosophy.  After all, if we are not isolated individuals or even isolated groups, but rather one being, why would we want to hurt a part of our larger self?  May your day be filled with possibilities!

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