Quandary Resolved

Well, this has been a rewarding day and I’ve tried staying focused in the moment which has helped.  Anyway, I’ve learned a lot and it has made my path much clearer.  My therapist is very good at making comments/asking questions which cause me to delve more deeply into the motives behind my decisions, which is extremely helpful.  I realized that I really do enjoy working with Paula and Gail and doing “grandmotherly” things for their new patients, and that is reason enough for my efforts.  In addition, I’ve learned more about the families using a midwife for their deliveries, and while they aren’t all so called “at risk” families, for the most part they are low income families who don’t have a lot, so my quilts seem perfect as portable hugs to welcome the new addition and ease the transition for the siblings.  So my basic instinct that this was a good thing has proven out, and it is an example to me of both how I need to listen to my heart for the answers and how gathering more data is helpful in any decision-making process.  I also learned that checking in with my motives behind whatever decision I make is an excellent habit to get into.

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