I’ve been in a bit of a quandary since my last therapy session on Friday.  First, for some background on me for those who may not know, I make quilts as portable hugs for those in need, and those needs vary depending on circumstances, but include things like homelessness, poverty, illness, difficult family situations, etc.  So far I’ve made quilts for Children’s Hospital, Vashon Youth and Family Services, Vashon Island homeless, and then specific cases which others have informed me of.  I have to admit to having a fondness for making quilts for islanders, and recently I’ve teamed up with our midwife, Gail, and her assistant, Paula, who is also my massage therapist and is studying to become a midwife herself.  I decided to make quilts for each newborn that they deliver and their siblings, because no matter how joyous, a new baby does bring stress and change to the family and I figured they could all use portable hugs.  In addition, if the family is at risk in any way (single moms, very youthful parents, homeless, etc), I also make quilts for the parents.  However, the current 4 quilts I’m making are for a stable solid family who has just given birth to their 4th child, and my therapist was right to question how making these 4 quilts fits my parameters.  It is true that needs vary, some stronger than others, but still, it has bothered me.  I love making the quilts as my artistic outlet, pouring all my love and positive energy into them, and I’m sure that will help with the inevitable sibling adjustment, etc. but should I be doing quilts for them or for say “needier” recipients, such as Children’s Hospital.  To be honest, I really enjoy working with Paula in getting names and I do prefer my quilts to go to islanders, and the grandmother/aunt in me loves helping out families with newborns, but is that enough.  I’ve pondered this quandary all weekend, and it suddenly came to me that I could have a win/win if I just had Paula ask the recipients in the non-at-risk families to make a donation at whatever level moves them to either Vashon Youth and Family Services or Interfaith Council for the Homeless.  I think this will help me keep myself on the path I’ve chosen and at the same time, allow me to welcome new islanders and their siblings.  I’d be interested in any reader opinions if you wish to bring clarity to my quandary.  Thanks!

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